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So had this hidden at my mom's house for about 1-2 months. Gotta acclimate the wife....Hence goodbye Aristocrats...for now

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Pretty cloudy though it seems.. :( Think it will clear with some cycling, or will I need to filter? 

Cycle first, but it may take a long time.

So 8-10 hrs on and off right?


Whoa its really cloudy!

I'd just like to say that, when clouding is due to agitation in a hot shipping environment, the cloudiness CAN be cycled out, but it takes a long time. After over a year of cycling, my replacement colossus globe went from blue milk, to slightly hazy. It's STILL not finished after all that time, but the point is it improved, it's huge, and given time I'm sure it could finish clearing. A smaller lamp could be cleared in less time.

I had a Chinese accent lamp clear up after cycling, and now it's crystal clear.

So it can happen.

I would also like to add that I LOVE my 50th grande. The flow is phenomenal. DEFINITELY a keeper.

Thanks for the positive vibes guys!

Does not boad well for me! Don't these lamps have 2 coils which helps the flow? 

Yes, the 50th anniversary grande's, at least the one I have, has 2 coils, like the first runs of the pink/clear & green/clear heritage grande's.

And yeah...that looks pretty cloudy. :( I think it will improve though!

I would love a heritage or both colors!

And I would love a pink heritage and a 50th grande!

Keith I will keep a look out for you if you do the same? Are they planning on releasing another heritage series?

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