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So had this hidden at my mom's house for about 1-2 months. Gotta acclimate the wife....Hence goodbye Aristocrats...for now

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I haven't heard anything about another heritage series.  It would be great if they did though.  I would really love a clear/blue grande, and I like the heritage base better!

Don't worry about looking out for me though, funds are low right now.  Plus display space if full.  

Although, I could put one over there, and another back there, maybe one by the stereo, I think I could get by with one in the dining room, don't have one in the bedroom yet either . . . .

If you find a heritage grande get it, but you might have to cover over the holes in the base with black electrical tape. They don't flow well, consistently, with the holes uncovered.

I have three, and I opened them to add a second coil. I now wish I had taped the bases instead, although I got to dye them while they were open. Now one pink is orange, one pink is purple, and the green is a yellow/green.


Good news. 1) Wife was not mad at all (she must want to buy something herself and 2) I actually can see a little bit of the wax today. 

You know what momma is going to say.  Did your lava lamp grow?  I don't remember it being that big? Hmmm..?

P.S. Just let it cycle some more, could possible clear up.  You know if you open  that thing up in the kitchen momma WILL NOT be happy!

Your other option is LL might still replace that globe if you contact them - the purple/yellow globes are still made, they just don't make the base anymore, so if you contacted Susan, they might send you a replacement. Never hurts to try. 

Thanks for the suggestion. Are these globes the same as the ones used got grandes? Nothing special about the 50th and do I just send her some photos?

they are indeed the same size globes as regular grandes. As for Susan, she may ask for proof, they might also ask you to send the globe back. I have never done this myself, I believe a few other collectors on here did work with them to get a clear globe. Best of luck!

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