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Broken globe on torchiere floor lamp! Please help me find a suitable replacement!

Greetings everyone!  (This is my first post)

I have a torchiere floor lamp that I got from Walmart a few years ago and absolutely love it.  It's the same model as this one:

(picture credit goes to "Mr MaGoo" http://oozinggoo.ning.com/photo/torchiere-floor-lamp?context=user)

I'll spare you the story of how it happened, but the top of my globe is now broken and I need to find a replacement.  It doesn't have to be the same model or even functional (I can gookit it), just as long as it fits.  I also don't mind if the replacement globe flares out on the sides, as long as it sits securely in the socket.  Fitting into the decorative plastic top cone would be a plus, but is not essential.  One more important note: it's not shown in the pictures, but there is a metal arm that holds up the top portion of the lamp, so the globe is not structural to the torchiere.

Here are the measurements of the original globe:

-Width of base:  2 and 7/8 inches / 7.3 cm

-Depth of the lamp "socket" that holds it above the bulb: 5/8 inches / 1.5 cm

-Height of globe (including beer bottle-style cap, but not the outer metal cap or decorative cone): 10.5 inches / 26.7 cm

Any ideas?  Is there another, more common model of lava lamp with a globe that would be compatible?

Would a wine bottle work?  It seems to be a fairly common bottle diameter and I've found a couple that might fit, but they would have less capacity than the original and I'm not sure if they're up to the temperature stress.



Here's another of Mr MaGoo's pictures showing the shape of the globe:

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So I've had one member contact me about my torchiere lava lamp for sale, if any body else is interested contact me, it works, no cracks and all the parts are there, see my photos for more info $40 (323)347-8428

I also have a dysfunctional Torchiere Floor Lava Lamp...hoping you still have functional globes...any chance?

Jeff Neely said:

I have four of them. Want one?

I would love one or more of the whole lamp or parts.

I need to fix  one I got

I need a replacement globe also. Its been awhile since this has been posted but any luck?

Help! I have this same lamp, bought for my son years go from walmart. How do you get underneath the lava lamp to change the bulb? Ours quit a long time ago. 



If anyone has a defunct one, I need the screw cap that attached the top torchiere shade to the lamp socket

I posted to a thread on here somewhere about removing the globe to change the lamp...just search for torichere lava lamp bulb replacement, should come up.  If not I'll try to find it for you.  Basically you need to carefully lift up on the torchiere lamp part just enough to get the black cap from the globe clear and then take it off at an angle.  Once thats off you need to tilt the globe at an angle and lift it out.  Sometimes twisting it sightly while attempting to tilt it to one side will help as it gets stuck.  the bulb you need is a 40 watt "golf ball" size bulb.  Any h/w store carries them.  

For the person needing the screw cap...some h/w stores may carry a replacement plastic socket that has it...I've seen that screw ring on other tocheire lamps.  If not, heres what you need from amazon:


thanks Jeff, but that is a differtent screwcap than the one on the lamp

That's the one mine uses...just a black plastic ring. Can you take a pic of the socket on yours? Maybe there were different versions?

Hey all, New here. So glad I found this site and this post. I need some help. I was given this lamp, and I love it. However,1) it was missing the light bulb socket which I just ordered from Amazon. Thank you Jeff! 2) While I have the lava lamp on the wax never warms up enough to move. I figure the wire coil isn't sitting on the bottom near the glass like it should be. but I can't remove the glass from the base. Any ideas? I'll see if I can upload a photo.



Wow you've got the whole lava lamp part out...I've never un-threaded that part and had the wires exposed.  You should be able to firmly grasp the glass part and the black plastic part and try to rock it side to side...or twist it.  They can get quite stuck...but it definitely will separate.  Try to rock the plastic part off of the glass part since you have them separate.  

Not the best picture of my lamp there but will do.  Redid this lamp and flows great now.  I also put the whole lamp on a dimmer to control the temp in the globe, works great.  See all this re-engineering of the floor lamp, you guys taking them all the way down, wow.  Good luck with all the projects I see going on here! Here is pic after redo

Torchiere Floor lamp

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