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Does anyone know where I can purchase a bulk for a Crestworth Living Jewel.



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Hi Alex,

I use the SES 25w pygmy/appliance bubs because they're still very common, and you can buy them online, or from asda, screwfix, etc.

You can obviously use the golfball shape too, although it's getting harder to find true round ones versus ones that are a little too tall in size and bumb up against your bottle.

Thanks Mark, I’ll give this a try

Appreciate your help with the liquid too!



i bulked bought of ebay and long lasting type not cheapo's just need to get a living jewel now LOL 

some good deals below and good make bulbs that dont blow after one use



If your interested in mine, I’d be willing to let go (as I have one already) - it needs the bulb.

water level is low and lid has a dent on one side.

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