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I just started collecting lava lamps and was wondering if anyone could help me identity this starship? is it an original color? I believe it was made in 1999 would that mean it was made in the US?


Look at the date code on the cap of the globe.  Yes, this should be a US made lamp, from back in the day.


I don't know if if that globe was originally offered with the starship series but it doesn't really matter since globes and bases were available separately

Here's a catalog page showing Starships from the mid 90's;

starship 90s LAVA

 More than likely this was purchased at Spencer’s during the custom program. I had the same model that I bought there. Funny thing the starship bases were $5 more than the standard 32oz bases including wizards. Icons went for more too then. Miss those days and that lamp lol

Back to your original question if I had to guess 05 globe Orange liquid and White lava blobs.

And yes it was made in the USA 

It all makes sense now!  That is why all the rockets on fleabay going for 150 bones and up!  Amazing!

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