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Hey guys,

I recently came across a 55" floor standing lamp - it's a Lipan LP01-3001. I know it screams China, but I picked it up at local thrift store for $19. I'm pretty sure its a knock-off of the Lumisource Waxy Tower:

It looks almost exactly like this Lumisource unit, except it has pinkish/red wax and the base was white. To put my wife's skepticism to rest, I painted it black as soon I got it home. We both fell in love with it. It worked great... until I decided to investigate the bulb type... you know where this went, the bulb broke in two and now I can't find a suitable replacement.

The bulb type is an R14 spotlight with a E17 intermediate base and the kicker... 60watts.

I have scoured the web in search of this bulb, I can't find it anywhere. the best match so far was a not spotlight 60watt, which was already difficult enough to locate, but it just doesn't run like it did before.

Please help a lava newb out! My wife and I really like this new lamp!

Does anyone know where I can find another bulb?

Thanks a million!


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This makes 2 of us....I'm in the same quandary, and have been for about 3 yrs.  I bought one of these lamps at a discount lot store back in 2009 and it worked great....until the bulb failed.  Now I know why this lamp didn't perform so hot (pun intended) this past weekend when I fired it up (its been dormant for about 2 yrs).  I had forgotten about the bulb being replaced till I saw this post.   When I took it out, I was like, ahh ok, I've seen these before.  Just a mini spot.  Then I saw it was 60 watts.....and all I could find were 40 and 25.  I have a 40 in the lamp now...it kinda works...but it doesn't flow much, and it takes hours to even get started.  I had it on for 10+ hrs this past weekend for the 1st time in a few yrs. and it still was only barely flowing when I shut it off.


I was able to track down a few online retailers but all were out of stock and didn't expect any more.  Looks like there was only 1 mfg, Westinghouse, and they no longer make it :(


I threw a post up on a lighting collectors forum that I'm a member of...if I get any results I'll post back.

Here you go dude it's the first bulb on the left.  http://www.elightbulbs.com/catalog_search_results.cfm?keywords=60+w...

the clear one. 1.59/ea

Thanks Jeff,

Unfortunately, (the other?) Jeff and I are searching for an R14 (spotlight) type bulb. I actually ordered the T8 shown on the right hand side of that page a few weeks ago. After putting some foil around it in an upside-down-cone fashion, it works well, but its not quite as lively as the old bulb.

I do appreciate you searching for me Jeff! I'm glad to know that it's not just me that this bulb is eluding.

You can use a 40w on these. I have the shorter version but same sized globe. It'll work probably flow better with a 40 w

well you can get a 100 watt lizard bulb -spot/flood on Amazon and put the light on a dimmer cord.

no my bad those are medium base

. If you have some electronic skills you could replace the ceramic socket with a medium base socket. might be enough room. I just saw here the other day a member saying that chinese wattage's are different. Can't say I've found or seen any in the hardware stores. Feit has a mini 40 watt spot. Easier to get a 60 watt clear incandecsent in a medium base though. Oh well good hunting>

These lamps are only about 3" inches? in diameter so it requires a smaller bulb, like you see on the clear views (if you have one)

o.k. Just an idea.

Here is mine, its on a shorter base and this was refilled (almost killed it in the process) with the entire contents of a 52 oz clear purple LL globe. Which is like 3 times the amount of wax then Lumisource version uses and it still flows great on a  40w.


@ Dr. What?!  That's a sweet lamp...love the blue lava.   Also love the Grande w/ the red lava right next to it :)  I wish I could find a Grande w/ red lava and clear liquid. 


Yes, it does indeed work with an R14 40 watt...but as the OP mentioned its not as lively and takes about 6 hours of warm up to even start flowing decently. 


I was thinking about trying to replace the socket but since its so skinny I don't think an E27 based bulb would even fit.  The socket probably would but what 60 watt bulb that's medium base would then fit?  They don't make a small spot bulb w/ that base either above 40 watts. 



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