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Okay, so I had this lamp with awesome purple fluid and shot, bubbly-yellow wax. I also had this lamp with awesome red wax and nasty-foggy fluid, both USA made. One day I got the idea to combine the two good components into one really awesome lamp! I used my awesome red wax from one lamp with the awesome purple fluid from the other and dumped the rest. Anyway, my only problem now that I have combined the two is that it won't flow right; the wax will only rise about half-way up at max temp and for the most part just hangs out around the bottom. What can I add to the (original)fluid to give the wax a little "boost"? Salt? Someone here suggested propylene glycol but will that help with making lava flow? Or how about the fog juice others speak of, any good? This lamp will be really bad-ass if and when I can make it flow right. Oh yea, the fluid level is about an inch low so it has some room to add whatever it is I need to add to make this work as it should. Let me know what you think, thanks!!

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Good Luck (i'm clueless but hope you get an answer to sort this issue)
Propylene glycol is your best bet as this wont cloud the lamp as salt can, add the propylene glycol in small amounts untill its flowing correctly and also add distled water to top off the water level if nessary
I think if you use canning (pickling) salt, it won't cloud.
I guess that could work as well but I used Epson Salts and in my astro it clouded it so thats why i was questioning the use of salts - they do the job though.

Erin said:
I think if you use canning (pickling) salt, it won't cloud.

Your lava is too heavy for the liquid in the lamp. (Or the liquid is too light for the lava. However you want to look at it.) One way to make the lava lighter is by heating it more. Try putting a 60w bulb in the lamp instead of a 40w and see if the lava rises to the top. If it does then get a dimmer to regulate it and keep it on the 60w. Make sure you use an A15 size 60w just like the 40w. That is the easiest and least risky solution. But if that doesn't work then you are going to have to either lighten the lava or add something to the liquid to make it heavier.

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