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I'm not sure what's wrong with my lava lamp, but I can't see anything when I turn it on. I checked it would with a flashlight and it was flowing, but the light in the base wasn't illuminating the goo at all. The light it plenty bright, so I simply don't know what's going on.

A friend of mine had this lamp for awhile before I did and she didn't want it. I took it because I liked the outside. I may end up having to get a new globe, but want to know if there is a way to fix it. 

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What color combination?  I have a blue was/purple fluid globe that you can barely see the flow in a lighted room.  That is normal for that color combo.

I would have to agree, with what color is it, I have several that are very "dark" I can only see the lava if I am in a very dark room.

The liquid is purple and I can't see it at all in any room. I think the goo is orange from what I saw with the flashlight. I turned all my lights out in the middle of the night and couldn't see a thing in it.

can you see through the fluid from one side to the other?

not without an outside light shining through it

sounds like you have a cloudy globe, I picture can confirm this but I am pretty sure that is the issue

I have a feeling it may have been a bit abused before I got it, so that is very possible. I'll snap a couple with it off, on, and with a light shining through it once it heats up.

I think i'm gonna just scrap this globe. Lava is wanting to stick and i remembered how badly marked up the inside is when I went to turn it on tonight.

Try this, set the globe in a sunny window or outside in the sun for a week or two.  This time of year it should fade the water color rather quickly.  Check it every few days to make sure you don't fade it too much.

Yeah, that just looks like one of the "dark" colored globes, try fading it in the sun a bit before scrapping

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