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Hi All! I need help with the lamp on the far left and the lamp on the far right. Does anyone know what they are, how hard they are to obtain, what they are worth, cost, etc?? I love glitter, so this excites me !!!


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They are likely French glitters. Pretty hard to come by and depending on who's bidding, can go from $60 up to several hundred. And not all overseas bidders will ship to the US.
The one on the far right will be really hard to find, period. Many of these old glitter lamps have low fluid and disintegrated glitter. They are very cool though!
Good to know. Thanks Erin!

Yep, all are French except the white plastic rocket, which is Italian. Try eBay.fr, best search terms are "lampe paillettes" (glitter lamp) and "lampe 70" (basically, lamp of the 1970s).

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