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Does anybody have any thoughts on the condition of this based on what is disclosed?

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For it's age it looks to be in decent shape. A little cleaning should have it looking quite nice. Here is the link btw:

The base does not normally come apart to access the bulb. Someone has twisted it off and damaged the factory crimp at the base.

That being said, if the tape residue can be removed, and the base re-crimped, then it might not be so bad.

You pay your money, and you take your chances on this one. Personally, I wouldn't pay a lot for it.
I do not have this type of lamp, but I wondered about the base being separated. Like you said, you take your chances ;) caveat emptor
The tape residue will come right off with rubbing alcohol however it does seem like someone has broken the base by separating it like they did. If nothing is bent it can be fixed with epoxy and be like new. As Fogrider said, I would not pay much for it but it could be a nice project lamp at the right price.

I was thinking along the same lines as all of you that have posted. I just thought I would throw it out there for anybody that might be interested if they are seriously hard up for a Capri.
Capris came in both gold and silver in Lava, and silver only in GemLite. And of course, the (possibly aftermarket - as in bought, modified and resold) faux can labeled bases - the Coorz can has some very funny text, and the 11-UP can carries the confusing slogan "For those who wish to limit their intake of soda". The Capri, along with the Astro 2500, occupy a confusing bit of ground, as it's unsure exactly when they were produced; some claims have said 1977, others could put them running into 1981, 82 or 83.

As to this one: Finish, nice aside from the (removable) tape marks. Nice red/clear with good flow. But the base damage is painful to see - my guess is that a bulb got stuck and they did this to get at it. I rub all bulb bases with graphite from a pencil first, as it lubes them for easy removal later - I have a few Midnight bases I bought used and can't fire up because I can't remove the burnt-out bulbs.

Twenty bucks? If someone wants this as a fixer-upper, Capris aren't too common, especially ones not suffering from "Consort Syndrome", that sad affliction common to all Consort-size globes (though more common in 60s-formula ones) where the wax density is somehow altered and it all floats to the top. If you don't mind the needed repairs, this is a great price for a fixer-upper Capri. Or use the base for parts and replace a damaged or caput globe with this one - just switch caps.
Great information. Didn't know any of the things you mentioned. That's what we are here for. I don't know that you are on my friends list. I'll check and if not I"ll send an invite. Looking forward to talking more on other subjects as well.
have you thought of breaking the bulbs and using pliers or whatnot to remove them from the base, or is that likely to cause too much damage?

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