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Pretty sure this isn't factory-but it's still pretty cool!


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I saw that too. Interesting

IMHO,.. Every lamp should come with a dimmer

Totally agree with Claude.

I now fit inline dimmers (rather than drill the bases) to everything in sight where lava is involved.

^^ details please on what you use

available on ebay

 don't don't they make ones that have screw terminals instead of solder please let me know as I prefer to use the ones with the screws

any 120 volt inline dimmer will work

you can also buy them prewired to a cord that you replace your existing one with

Can you hop on ebay and or amazon and point me in the direction of an line dimmer where it has screw terminals instead f solder, not sure what to look for. Thanks.

If you really want to be lazy about it, and transfer the dimmer from one lamp to another, use this


That one is just to much extra cord, I think the other one might be better as I can simply splice into existing cord and one master cord with a rotary dimmer. Thoughts?

its a matter of personal preference

If you want cheap, you can get these on eBay (out of China) for @$2.00

Currently only available in white



If you want to mount it into the base like a factory built grande use this

Zing Ear ZE-256 Rotary Inline Dimmer Lamp Light Switch 120V 500W - Nickel Finish


Better yet, buy these. they are a steal at that price

3 NEW Westek 500W 120V Replacement Manual Dimmer Black LED Halogen Incandescent


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