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Census Poll Time- If One Were To Purchase A Grande, What Would Be The Best Performer???

Ok, so yes, I'm the research queen.  I normally do not make any purchase until I get some feedback, reviews, do some research, etc.  Might just have to bite the bullet this year and treat myself to a Merry Xmas to me Grande.....I've said this last year too, but chickened out when I think of the problems LL has with china production.


I do believe that the Heritage grandes have gotten pretty good reviews as far as OG members go, and I really luv the pink one.  The Neon green kind of scares me due to the fact that my son's 52 oz Neon Green turned a puke color without ever being exposed to sunlight.  Also it is on a timer and was never allowed to overheat.  Anyway......Farmer's Almanac is predicting a super cold winter with lots of snow so was thinking I may buy a grande.  I will have to have it shipped unless my Spencer's decides to bring those in to the store which I highly doubt. 


I do realize that the 50th Anniv. Grandes have not really been out that long to stand the test of time, so don't know if anyone would recommend those although I do like the base.  I really do like the heritage base as well though.  Recommendations???

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I have had the two Heritage Grande s since they were released. Mine are from the first production run and have the dual coils....the controversial dual coils. LOL. I run them a lot and they are some of the best flowing lamps I have ever seen they easily rival my Giants for flow quality.
Sparty....here is a link to a picture off my Heritage Grande ' s. They both still look this good and flow like this.


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