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See the model 101 - the florescent green/red wax lamp? Did this ever really exist? I've never seen one and this is the only picture I can see that has this color combo.


Anyone have any information on this lamp? Did it never make it to production? 

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I believe it did since it's listed in catalogs well into about 1970 or 1971. But neither that nor the color 04 (yellow lava/blue-green liquid) have yet shown up. From what's shown in that catalog page (I have an original of it, it's a one-sided standard-size page) the 04 is approximated fairly well by a modern yellow/blue globe.
So have you ever seen one Jonas? I have a #04 - yellow lava, blue/green liquid.
Seriously? Screw-on cap 04...? I have never seen one, no, save the photo in the catalog. As said, a yellow/blue is close, but the true 04 has a more turquoisey color, lighter than the modern blue a little bit and with a hint of green.

Well, I think so. Yeah. It's from the 1970s, it's got a screw-on cap and it's...well, here's a pic;


Is it dated on the sticker inside the cap? In my amateur opinion, you've got yourself a slightly cloudy, slightly lava-darkened 04! What color is the lava when you look at it sitting cold in the bottom, up against the glass so there's no liquid in the way? That's the best way to judge actual color.
Yes, there is a dated sticker on the cap. 1973, I believe, but I'd have to check. When the lamp is not on, it's kinda light turquoise. Lava is a creamy weird yellow with a hint of orange. I'll take a pic of it tomorrow. Lava looks a little low, too.

Here's the pic from the eBay auction. This shows the liquid color:

I'll have to see the lava - there's a chance it's an 03, with the early-70s "sage green" lava cooked to yellow.
I should clarify: In the mid-70s, Lava Lite tried a "sage green" lava that was sort of a pale creamy green, still in the normal sea-blue liquid. It had a tendency to "cook" to yellow or brown.

Ok, Jonas, here you go. You're the expert - I have no idea on this one:

Yeah, I think that must be a real 104. I'm not 100% certain, but that's my guess. Until further info on this color surfaces, call it the only known (so far) 104 yellow/blue-green!
Neat! I would have never known. It's too bad this lamp is in such bad shape though. :( The wax is pretty much shot and the liquid is cloudy. The wax has that white stuff in it, too, so I'm sure that adds to the cloudiness. I have another lamp around this age (1973) with the same wax issue (lots of bubbles, too). It flows, but it ain't pretty!

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