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Century wont uncloud after filtering. Lava folk, Save me!

I got my 1979 Century model from ebay yesterday and it was very cloudy. It has red lava and gold liquid. I filtered the liquid with a brita filter twice and it stays cloudy and now has no action. I had a lamp like this when I was a kid and I'd really like to have one again. I don't know what to do to fix my lamp. Can I buy new yellow liquid? Do you think I have destoyed my lamp? It guess it was messed up already from the cloudiness. Thank you    

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It was pretty clear in the ebay photos. So is there hope for my lamp or have I killed it? :o(
I'm willing to try to fix it.
I have poured out the old liquid and left the wax on the bottom. Then filled the container with distilled water leaving room at the top. I am following this links directions http://www.moltenmeditation.com/lava.htm
I need help understanding the salt content of the water please. How many tea spoons should I dissolve in a glass of water to feed in with a straw? Should I start with one drop of soap or two?

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