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Hello everyone.  New here. 

Was wondering if any of you might know anything about this type of lamp ?  where it was made / sold / by who etc.?  Seller says the bottles are still available but I can't find any info.


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I don't think there are replacement globes for those. I believe they were a China-made lamp. I'm searching the site here, but don't see much info about them. 

Ok, user Mike(Blind Faith) tells me they were made for Spencer Gifts. No idea who made them. They pop up on eBay every few months. 

Link'd was the model name, sold by Spencer Gifts, made in lava and glitter versions. The bottles used for the smaller size of Glo Oozy/Flo Oozy sold by Spencers and others (tall cylinder with widely-flared black or chrome base) fit these. I have a glitter one. Nifty lamp, well-made (plastic with metal bulb surrounds) and sturdy.

Thank you for the info Jonas!  I bought one off Ebay recently.  It arrived today with a blown bulb.  =(

The bulb is a 30w 120v screw-in base single contact but the top of it is almost flat so the bottles don't hit it.  Anyone know where I can get a replacement bulb for it? 

Also, Jonas, where can I get different colored bottles ?  Spencers from a different model ?

Troy, the only place you can get that exact bulb is from a place over seas, I have several Oozy Glo lamps and order the bulbs from here: http://www.replacementlightbulbs.com/lamp30r39n125v.html

I just got one of these lamps yesterday and one bulb was blown. 25 w will work on these as well, infact probably better then the 30 watt one. I buy mine from here http://www.lightbulbemporium.com/satco_s3205_25r14n.asp they are in the US

The globes these take are no longer made, as far as I know. But take a good look at one of them-- because no other import globe shape looks similar enough to this (but doesn't fit) for you to mistake it. Once you know what you're looking for, you can spot these. They have a narrower cylindrical portion at the top (short, to center the cap) and bottom (long, to fit into the base). Ebay and thrift stores are your best bets.

Other lamps that used these include:

--The aforementioned Glo-Oozy/Flo-Oozy lamps were sold be Spencers in two sizes. The big ones use a tall, tapered globe which screws into the base. The smaller model used this globe. These were sold by Spencers (and others under other model names). They have a widely-flared base with a little 'pinch' (often with light holes in the pinch) to support the globe. Spencers sold only black bases; other stores (like nature-themed Natural Wonders chain) sold chrome.

--Crayon lamps: plastic base, globe has faux Crayola logo (which reads "CRAYON") printed on the glass, sharpened crayon point plastic cap. Turn the logo toward the wall if it bugs you, it'll (sort of) hide.

--I *think* one of those CD tower table lamps may use these. I think a few other models do, too.

You'll find mostly lava in these, and cheap (read: only spheres) lava - usually red/yellow, yellow/green, or yellow/pink. You'll also find the standard knockoff glitter (colored or clear liquid, transparent iridescent glitters), though the Link'd glitter bottles (I've seen blue/purple and clear) had silver glitters and are really beautiful. By blue/purple I mean they're a lovely sapphire blue new, but after prolonged use (read: months) they turn purple.

Got my replacement bulb today and it's up and working.  The right hand lava seems a bit "slower" but I like it none-the-less.  Jonas are you saying the lava in the "Link'd" lamps is cheap ?  

Thank you for the info. on replacement bottles.  I will keep an eye out.  

What I mean by "cheap" is-- there's sort of a hierarchy of flow quality. Top of the charts are Crestworth into the 70s and 80s and Lava Corp. "run for days" formula from the late 60s, which produce the twisting, snaky 'serpenine' flow. A step down is later Crestworth/Mathmos formula. One more step down is Lava-Simplex/Lava World from the 70s until the move to China, which tended to produce the rising blobs that begin with the shape imitated by the Mathmos Fluidium; there is still a lot going on, and snaky flows still occur, such as those moments when a continuous stream of lava connects the lower pool and the liquid surface at the top. Next step down is import quality, lamps made in China, which produce only (generally) round spheres, and this is what you've got. Current Lava Brand flow is somewhere between this and the preceding level. Last, at the very bottom, is Lava Brand from the move to China (excluding the "Blip" lamps) until very recently - that is, extremely cloudy liquid and wax which tends to stick to the sides or even do nothing at all.

Nearly forgot: the CRAYON lamps' lava globes do NOT flow well. The rest all flow; the CRAYON globes I've seen nearly always have lava that appears to have a nightmarish case of dandruff, and it often barely does anything. I have a red one I got at a garage sale for a dollar and, honestly, it's utterly useless. The CRAYON glitter globes are fine.

Hello, I am new here. I have this Oozy Glo Lamp Eh-968 which was bought in Spencer's at least 8 years ago. The original bulb burned out a long time ago, and I haven't used the lamp in years. I franticly searched google in an attempt to find a replacement bulb for this lamp and I found this discussion and I bought the Kandolite 120V 30W bulb from replacementbulbs.com that Gwen Williams posted. It turns on and heats up the lamp, it starts to flow but after an hour or so it gets stuck and the flowing stops. One sphere stays on top of the tube hanging and another sphere near the very bottom and it just rotates there. The lamp is very well heated all around. Is there anything I can do to make this lamp work like it should? Thank you.

Sounds like your lamp it too heated. With these lamps, I usually use a 25 bulb instead. Try a 25 w or use a table lamp dimmer see if that stops it from being motionless.

I found another chain link lamp if you needed some parts. http://www.ebay.com/itm/LARGE-DUAL-ACTIVE-CHERRY-LAVA-LAMP-LIGHT-SP...

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