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Hello everyone.  New here. 

Was wondering if any of you might know anything about this type of lamp ?  where it was made / sold / by who etc.?  Seller says the bottles are still available but I can't find any info.


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Allright well I finally got a table lamp dimmer and was experimenting dimming down the Kandoline 30W bulb. But my Oozy Glo Lamp is still mostly motionless.  But what baffles me is that the last Oozy Glo Lamp that sold on Ebay (pink one) the person used this exact Kandolite 30W bulb with it and it had good flow. I don't know how it's working for other lamps and not mine, this bulb is just not doing it. Here's two pics I snapped of the motionless Oozy Glo and the dimmer setting.

 I wish I could find the original frosted bulb this lamp had. I just find this lamp's color combination unique. It's really light green fluid with yellow lava. I see on Ebay they now sell these type of lamps with the name "Test tube lava lamp" and of course they're from China too, so I contacted those sellers trying to find out where to get the replacement bulb if I bought THAT lamp and the bulb burned out..I'm pretty sure the bulb from that lamp would be the same as my old Oozy Glo Lamps used...

Unforanlty i think the thing with this lamp is that the wax is dead :( so you will eather have to find a replacement globe for it, do a trandsfer from a spare globe to this one or get a new lamp.

Thoes lamps are cheap and easy to come by so i think your best option is to find another one of thies on ebay or elsewhere etc.

As for the bulb it is the right one and you did the right thing of putting it on a dimmer but there is more to getting a lamp working then just the right bulb and heat.

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