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Hi, all! Does anyone out there have a few pictures of their Champagne Mist they could share? I'd really like to see what this lamp looks like. Thanks!! Yuri

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The Enchantress series (the early "elegant" incarnation) had "mist" liquid as well, in four colors: yellow lava in orange mist, lime lava in green mist, blue lava in blue mist, and red lava in green mist.
These are the best pics I have

The white squigly on the left...

Wow. Champagne Mist Aristocrat - rare due to having a squiggle cap (the changeover from gold to squiggle caps around '68 was around the time Champagne Mist was dropped from all but Continental and Savoy) AND a very rare Mediterranean in green/blue! It was sold in all three colors, but wholesale and Sears/Penney's catalogs ONLY showed it in red/clear.

No idea how they did the Mist liquid, but I'm sure they had a process to help it stay that way - it really succeeded most in the Enchantress "elegants", whose narrow globe, instead of hiding the wax, made it seem to stand out against a solid color background.
If I dont run them they start to get very clear, but im talking 10+ weeks, so something is settling out eventually.


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