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Based upon feedback from the seller, I suspect I was not the only Oozing Goo'er who inquired about the lamp. He said he was amazed by how many interested parties contacted him about it. To put your minds at ease, the lamp is no longer available is it is currently sitting in the bed of my pickup truck. You likely didn't want it anyways as its a Franken-lamp. Came with a Colossus base, but a Humongo globe. Ok, scratch what I said earlier about this being a Franken-lamp; its a Humongo from top to bottom.

Don't feel too bad for me as I already flipped it. Flipped for the same $400 I paid for it + Firkin Burgers for me and my lovely wife + a few beers. Congratulations to Critter on having a winning personality that prompted me to reach out to him and make this happen on his behalf. What a freakin' score and a half!

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Some pics of the base follow. Upon closer inspection, the carpet matches the drapes. This lamp is 100% a Humungo, from base to globe. I am running it with the bulb that came with it, which is a 200 watt.

OMG. You are bad! "The carpet matches the drapes" LOL
Yay. I knew it! LOL. Is the base in good condition? How does the globe look?

Yep I know....still in shock over this lamp. Can't wait to see the globe.

I am hoping to see by buddy Dudley tonight and then the lamp should be fully assembled and ready for its first run. I can just tell by the hue of the liquid that the globe will be epic.


OK - Couldn't stand the suspense. Lugged the heavy mofo up into the mudroom, slapped the box onto my long board and wheeled the beast into the family room. Tilting the box, cutting the tape, folding back the flaps and lifting the box up and over the globe worked like a charm. Did cut through one box flap, but already taped it back on and have since reassembled the box. Freeing it from the Styrofoam cradle it was sitting in will likely have my back singing a sad, sad song tomorrow. Dudley is due in about 45 minutes to help mount the globe on the base. I will clean the globe prior to that. So here is what appears to be a gorgeous Humungo globe. Crystal clear (you can see the base behind it), and both the liquid and wax are vibrant. The final pick is with the globe tilted so I could inspect the coil (which is gunk-free).

Yup - I just shot my load all over your globe dude. I will hit it with a hair dryer so it is preserved for when you pick it up.

Critter said:


And its now ready for its first run, which will be in the next day or two. Placed the lamp in a safe nook to prevent the Lab from crashing into it (cuz that's what he does). Last shot is one of my plasma lamps. Cool picture, but I'm too lazy to create a separate post for it.

Holy balls that is gorgeous!!!!

Awesome! Looks great. How does the bottle look all Windexed and clean?

That's a pretty sweet plasma lamp....I don't remember seeing that when I was there last year.

Appears to be a few scuffs on the globe, but hard to determine if a little elbow grease (and maybe rubbing alcohol) will take care of them or if a light cerium oxide treatment may be in order. They don't seem like deep scratches as they couldn't be felt as I ran my finger over them. Then again, my finger is under the influence of beer right now. More details to come tomorrow.

Oh yea, and this is my favorite plasma. Have a handful of plasmas, but this one may actually have some age to it. Might even be a homemade one. Just a simple black wooden box supporting the plasma globe. You can see it better in the first shot. Really nice plasma action though. Flanked by a pair of Jets and eventually a pair of Smart Astros (once I fix em).

Critter said:

Awesome! Looks great. How does the bottle look all Windexed and clean?

That's a pretty sweet plasma lamp....I don't remember seeing that when I was there last year.

Lets get fired up clap, clap, clap clap clap! Lets get fired up clap, clap, clap clap clap!

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