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Based upon feedback from the seller, I suspect I was not the only Oozing Goo'er who inquired about the lamp. He said he was amazed by how many interested parties contacted him about it. To put your minds at ease, the lamp is no longer available is it is currently sitting in the bed of my pickup truck. You likely didn't want it anyways as its a Franken-lamp. Came with a Colossus base, but a Humongo globe. Ok, scratch what I said earlier about this being a Franken-lamp; its a Humongo from top to bottom.

Don't feel too bad for me as I already flipped it. Flipped for the same $400 I paid for it + Firkin Burgers for me and my lovely wife + a few beers. Congratulations to Critter on having a winning personality that prompted me to reach out to him and make this happen on his behalf. What a freakin' score and a half!

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Day 2 flow has commenced!

Awesome. Friggin' Thumper is just huge!

Indeed - he makes the Humongo look like a 20 ounce lamp.

Critter said:

Awesome. Friggin' Thumper is just huge!

I just can't get over that flow!! Blows the China Colossus out of the water! LL just should have made them this way to the end. I would have gladly payed the $1300 for the lamp!!

Looks like kitty is guarding it!...LOL

First of two videos being uploaded to YouTube. Shot two for several reasons. Landscape fills the screen, but the lamp, by its nature is more suited to a portrait perspective. Thus one video is landscape, one is portrait. Portrait video has ambient lighting (the floor lamp next to the Humongo) toggled on and off during the video as well. The ambient lighting shows off the liquid color better, but also wanted some footage where the only light was emanating from the globe (we'll see if my artistry was a failure as not). My wife makes a cameo in the portrait video as well, but you can't see her boobies (sorry).

Sweet!  Post a link to the videos please when they are ready.

Video #1 is ready for your viewing pleasure. Video #2 is better in my opinion, but this one kicks ass too.


And Video #2 is also ready for your viewing pleasure. You might need some lotion and tissues in order to clean up afterwards.


You would think LL would see the difference in quality between USA and china, like DUH!!!!

Free kin awesome !!

I don't know the current thinking at Lava Lite, but back in the Haggerty/LavaWorld days, Tim Haggerty had the audacity to claim that the China quality was better than Chicago quality.  http://www.oozinggoo.com/cgi-bin/forum/Blah.pl?b-gb/m-1195315797/

Matt: "Please, please if you truly care about your customers move back to American and use the ORIGINAL American formula.  You would make all your lava customers so happy, more happy than just releasing more low quality lamps."  

Tim Haggerty: "I do care very much about our customers.  You are essential to our success, growth and survival.  Our quality continues to improve every year in China. We make the best motion lamps and that is why we continue to prosper.  Our current formula is better than many made in Chicago and they are better in quality than the lamps made in the early 90s.  Also, many of the chemicals we used in the mid – late 1990s are no longer available and if so, too expensive as explained above.  If you cannot get the same chemicals, the product would change slightly versus in the past, some better and some not."

Carol said:

You would think LL would see the difference in quality between USA and china, like DUH!!!!

Jim, you have gone above and beyond doing this for Critter... what a nice thing to do.

Critter... I am delighted for you.

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