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Based upon feedback from the seller, I suspect I was not the only Oozing Goo'er who inquired about the lamp. He said he was amazed by how many interested parties contacted him about it. To put your minds at ease, the lamp is no longer available is it is currently sitting in the bed of my pickup truck. You likely didn't want it anyways as its a Franken-lamp. Came with a Colossus base, but a Humongo globe. Ok, scratch what I said earlier about this being a Franken-lamp; its a Humongo from top to bottom.

Don't feel too bad for me as I already flipped it. Flipped for the same $400 I paid for it + Firkin Burgers for me and my lovely wife + a few beers. Congratulations to Critter on having a winning personality that prompted me to reach out to him and make this happen on his behalf. What a freakin' score and a half!

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Thank you Alladin! It is an awesome lamp and Jim is an even better friend.

I'm a dick and don't let anyone tell you differently. 

Amazing, all the way around.  I love that you did this for Critter!  

Critter, I want to warn you though.  If you stop in Davis Oklahoma on the way home you may find yourself empty-handed! lol

Note to self......take alternate route around OK.. LOL

That is ONE hell of a LAVA LAMP!! I just can't get over that FLOW!! Looks like a Giant on steroids!!...LOL

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