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About a month ago I went to Spencer's and purchased a ChinaRed/Clear with the intent of experimenting on it for leaning purposes. Out ofthe box it was cloudy and after running it a few day the lava stopped flowingand would ball up at the bottom of the globe as soon as it warmed up. So Ipopped the cap and drained all the liquid. I added about two tablespoons ofPERC to the lava. I then created a clear liquid with a solution of distilledwater, FOG machine liquid. I had to had a good amount of salt water solution.Added very little soap solution because it really is not needed with the fogmachine liquid. Anyway, here are the results. I have been running her every dayfor eight hours for the past month and she still looks good.



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Goo Geek... too much scientific jumbo for me, but I think I love you... Are you thinking on creating & selling or just for your own amusement? The orange is spectacular!

Vixen, it is really not that complicated. I am doing this because I like to resuscitate dead LL's and see them come back to life. That 14oz Orange as been flowing great and is now one of my favorites.


PS. I love you to. ;-)

LOL! So this idea could be used to spring life into my "dead" Grandes? I may need to have you hold my hand through their revival... they haven't flowed in 2-3 years. I changed their fluid color last year & now they melt, but no blobs :(

Hmm it seems we have both came to the same conclusions, but in different ways. I am trying to recreate the original 60's formula but I really dont know what I am doing. I am learning as I go so I thought I would point you towards my post, you might find some interesting information.


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