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I am considering selling the only chrome plated Colossus in existence.

It also comes with a Table and support ring.

Plating and polishing alone cost over $700!

It will come with my personally designed anti-burst pressure sealing system and heat-shrink.

It is internally insulated and has a new dimmer with heavier wiring.

(I have a TRI-COLOR LED custom-built remote-control drop-in module and 250-watt heater in case you are interested in making it glitter ).

This baby is tricked out!

It is currently empty, so shipping via FedEx is cheaper than white glove services and entirely possible!!

If you are not personally picking it up, I will pack it, box it and  personally take it to FedEx (1hr away)

I'm sacrificing this for my costs of $2000 plus $300 shipping and packing materials

(I'm guessing at the shopping costs- If it's more I'll let you know. If it's less I'll refund the difference)

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For those that do not have my contact info, I can be reached via PM or email: lavalabcreations at gmail

Will entertain cash plus trade of anything interesting, mathmos, fiberoptic, etc


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