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I recently bought my first clear liquid/black wax grande lamp. It's so flippin awesome. However it's cloudy. Which sucks, sucks really bad. I've been prowling around on OG reading and every1 claims that by running it in short bursts it will clear the globe up. Well I've taken that a step further and set a timer to my lamp. I set a timer so that when I'm at work or sleeping it comes on for 2 hours, rests for 4, on for 2, off for 4. Then the remaining 12 hours I manually do it. Now, my globe is still cloudy, but I just got the timer and thought that anybody looking to expedite this process would be psyhed. In a 24 hour period you can get 4 cycles, which means, 28 in a week, and about 100 in a month. I picked one up at lowes for a few bucks. I'll keep you guys posted as to whether or not my globe clears up, but thought it was a great idea. Let me know what ya think!

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I just bought a black and clear. And, yep, you guessed it....it sucks! So damn cloudy you can hardly see the lava. So I'm gonna filter it out....all I know to do. All of the other lamps that I have filtered have been perfect, so worst case...get ya a filter and fix that bad boy!
--Roberta "Bert"
I know nothing of the filtering process. How do I go about doing that in the worse case scenario. I mean whaddya think about the timer? And to Bohdan, there is no white dye that I could see. It looks solid black on the bottom. If you tell me where to look I can give you the date and time of manufacturing along with whether or not it came from china. Thanks to the both of you! Oh and based on the pix do you think there is hope for it?
I have thought maybe the cloudiness has something to do with a chemical that somehow oxidizes or breaks down. As far as the lava goes this happens with older ones too, a powdery calcium buildup in the wax tends to build up around the spring and sink. The new china stuff has such weak inferior properties and it is obvious the testing dept. didn't see how long it might stand up to the test of time.
The lamp is an 08 model. Does this help anyone?
Just to thought you guys should know. I bought the lamp at LampsPlus.com and I just got an email. There gonna send me one for free and I can keep the old one. I'm so psyched! That's so cool of them. I'm gonna keep you updated on the status of this one though. It may turn into a project lamp. My first ever!

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