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My advice is to buy them - that is all.  End of review.

I admit that I opened them at the Target prior to bringing them to the cashier.  I would rather bring home a pair of known winners than return the things.  These were the only two I needed to look at; I initially targeted (at Target) the clear/yellow.  Wifey poo wanted the clear/red too.  Seeing as it appears to be a primo batch of lamps the store got, I will likely also grab the purple/yellow one.  When they look this good it makes me want a full set.  Well done Lava Lite, well done indeed!!!  Gold star.

There is a bit of a somewhat piercing bulb bleed at the junction of the lower and upper cones - a beacon of bright white light.  Really doesn't detract from the lamp at all.  I do want to add some colorized heat proof films to the inside of the upper cones.  Could probably do some crazy looks and even black out the coil (if inclined).

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Hmmmm, ours is called "Super" Target, so I wonder why we still don't have them. 

So maybe you need 'Mega' Target?

well I just ordered the red one.

Yay! Looks like they are back in stock online: http://www.target.com/s?searchTerm=clearview+lava+lamp&category...

I don't know... in this heat, I have little faith they will arrive clear. :(

Stephanie said:

well I just ordered the red one.

She needs "Super" 'Mega' Target. Those are the ones who have the lamps.

Anson Cheung said:

So maybe you need 'Mega' Target?

The clear lamps look beautiful. If I was sure they'd be clear for me too then I'd definitely get them. 

I stopped by our SuperTarget and in the lamp section they only had the 11.5" accent-size Clearviews (along with a bunch of regular Classics).  I later stumbled upon an endcap near the kitchen accessories with the 17" Clearviews along with Tordados, Ice lamps and party lamps.  So, if you don't find Clearviews in the lamp section with the "old" lava lamps, take a look around at the endcaps.  The lamp section didn't even have a place/price tag for new lamps.

Anyway, I picked up a Yellow/Purple 17" Clearview and a 11.5" Pink/Clear.  Both have very clear liquid (pink/clear is crystal clear; yellow/purple looks as clear as a colored liquid could be).  The 11.5" has a couple specks of wax stuck to the sides, but nothing major.  However, the 11.5 was missing the cap (unless I somehow misplaced it while unboxing.  Looks like I'll need to go back for an exchange. :(

Yep clear views are crystal clear i have a yellow/clear and red/clear they also flow real nice my yellow takes longer than the red to get going they are both 17".

I'm sure I've heard reports of cloudy Clearviews, so I was happy that mine were clear.  Glad to hear they flow nice.  Mine are still warming up.

Found the cap. O:)

The 11.5" clear liquid turned cloudy once the lava got flowing.  The lava now has a big round blob stationary at the top and a mound of stationary blob at the base and is basically inactive.  :(  The 17" yellow/purple had some decent flow compared to my pink/purple and black/clear China lamps currently flowing, but not nearly as nice as the yellow/purple Wizard next to it.

I have the exact same issue with my 11.5 clearview. The wax eventually separated from the coil and stopped flowing. Prior to that it flowed beautifully though.

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