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My advice is to buy them - that is all.  End of review.

I admit that I opened them at the Target prior to bringing them to the cashier.  I would rather bring home a pair of known winners than return the things.  These were the only two I needed to look at; I initially targeted (at Target) the clear/yellow.  Wifey poo wanted the clear/red too.  Seeing as it appears to be a primo batch of lamps the store got, I will likely also grab the purple/yellow one.  When they look this good it makes me want a full set.  Well done Lava Lite, well done indeed!!!  Gold star.

There is a bit of a somewhat piercing bulb bleed at the junction of the lower and upper cones - a beacon of bright white light.  Really doesn't detract from the lamp at all.  I do want to add some colorized heat proof films to the inside of the upper cones.  Could probably do some crazy looks and even black out the coil (if inclined).

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What colors did you buy? Is the fluid clear?

got a purple one and a yellow one, the purple was fine, didn't check the yellow yet. I plan to gut them anyways.

What is your plan with them

Have you goo kitted any yet or will this be the first one.

The yellow/clear globe I will probably change the color to orange/clear with gookit dye and the base and cap I will paint black. Not sure what to do with the purple yet. I was thinking about painting it silver or black and putting a metallic wax globe on it. Thats the beauty of getting lamps this cheap ;)

Well Im not really "gookitting it" I'm just adding some of the red dye that comes in a gookit to the existing LL wax.

Joe said:

Have you goo kitted any yet or will this be the first one.

Ugh! I just called the two super targets "close" to me and one has the clearviews on clearance, but only has 1 in stock. The other has a bunch in stock, but they are not on clearance. I can't spend money right now (extra bills) but I was gonna sneak a 20 oz or two out of my lunch money... I wish all the targets had the same price lines. Sigh....

In case there's a pattern...  Did you find the $6.58 priced lamps at a SuperTarget or a normal Target?

Dr. WHAT?! said:

just went and bought 2 more at target $6.58 a piece. They also had the disco one and the ice lamps and even at those prices, I still couldn't find myself wanting to buy them.....

Super Target

I just bought the purple/ yellow ClearView ON SALE at Target today for $11, I just plugged it in and will let you know how it goes. I asked the cashier why they were 50% off and he said because they "wanted to get rid of them." I tried to stay calm but inside I was screaching in excitement for such a great steal. The liquid was crystal clear and all the wax solidified at the bottom to start .... Stay tuned!

FYI there were all sizes on sale in my Super Target.

I went back to the two stupid super Targets and also another one not labeled a super Target this weekend and nothing!! Just the same few smaller sized ones the one store had during the last time I was there. What a disappointment. :O(

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