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My advice is to buy them - that is all.  End of review.

I admit that I opened them at the Target prior to bringing them to the cashier.  I would rather bring home a pair of known winners than return the things.  These were the only two I needed to look at; I initially targeted (at Target) the clear/yellow.  Wifey poo wanted the clear/red too.  Seeing as it appears to be a primo batch of lamps the store got, I will likely also grab the purple/yellow one.  When they look this good it makes me want a full set.  Well done Lava Lite, well done indeed!!!  Gold star.

There is a bit of a somewhat piercing bulb bleed at the junction of the lower and upper cones - a beacon of bright white light.  Really doesn't detract from the lamp at all.  I do want to add some colorized heat proof films to the inside of the upper cones.  Could probably do some crazy looks and even black out the coil (if inclined).

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The haze definitely clears up. My yellow Clearview especially had a lot of stuff inside that looked like dust. I've run it for about 2 or 3 weeks now and it's cleared up coniderably. You can still see little bits of whatever the fluff is when you get up close, but it's not distracting. I think I'll eventually get one of those pricey filters to thoroughly clear up the liquid.

I went to two Super Targets last night. The first one had only about four black lava lava lamps. The second one a had a few smaller clear views but not the 32oz yellow I wanted. :O(  A lady there said all the college kids cleared out the lava lamps.

I may just order one online but then I'm sure it'll be cloudy. On one hand I don't care since I can just replace the globe but I really like the yellow color of the clear view lava so I want a clear one. Plus then the cost just for a base isn't really worth it. I was so hoping to get one on clearance. 


Some super Targets have this weird way of putting the newer Lava stuff like Clearviews and Glitters in a separate place from the rest of the lava lamps. When I went to my local Super Target, I went straight to the lamp section, only to be greeted by older model lavas, not Clearviews. Turns out the Clearviews were a few aisles down, not even in an aisle but in one of the ends that faced outwards towards the paths where people navigate.

Mike is right.  All 5 Targets I've been to, have had the 32oz clearviews on an "endcap" a few rows over from where the normal lava lamps are.  Sometimes I've seen the small (12oz?) clearviews in the normal section.  The endcap has the 32oz clearviews along with the ice lamps, tornado lamps, disco balls, black lights, etc.

I found 32oz clearviews only on end caps and occasionally no where near the lamps section.

Mine have cleared up some. I've run them 5 times for 5-6 hours each time. The Targets here have them on the end caps a few isles from the reguler lamps.

Thanks for the info Autumn. I'll definitely buy the new colors when they come out.

Besides my Grande these are the only China made lamps that I've purchase and I'm happy with them. I also bought the Vortex, Ice and Disco Lava lamps clearanced at Target. I really like the Vortex, the other two are okay.  

I keep reading about some of the clearviews being cloudy when people get them home. Couldn't I check the lamp at the store, by taking it out of the packaging, before I buy it? I would rather check it at the store, before being disappointed when I got it home. 
Metallica man said:

My neon cleared up, give it a chance

Well yes, I think it's necessary to open the package and check it out at the store. I did, even though I'm sure Target frowns upon it. But the sort of lint I'm talking about in my lamps is difficult to see when everything is settled.

Mattmos said:

I keep reading about some of the clearviews being cloudy when people get them home. Couldn't I check the lamp at the store, by taking it out of the packaging, before I buy it? I would rather check it at the store, before being disappointed when I got it home.  

agreed. dont buy anything unless you open it first.

I checked the end caps and they even had a clearance aisle in one store... I also asked in both where the lava lamps were. Maybe they'll get more in. I'll have to check again (gives me an excuse to stop by Spencers too).

And yes, I open em up at the store to check for cloudiness too. :O)  

I just purchased two more yesterday. They had about ten of them on the end cap in the lighting section at Target. I opened everyone of them until I found two clear/yellow(not cloudy but hazy) that were acceptable but only becuase they were on clearance. I paid $10 and some change for each one. I ran one last night for about 8 hours,definately some kind of funk in the fluid. Mine kind of looked like layers of fog floating inside the bottle. There was no improvement in appearence after the first run but I'll keep trying and see what happens. At the very least I think these lamps will be perfect goo kit candidates because of the lower wattage bulbs they use.

just went and bought 2 more at target $6.58 a piece. They also had the disco one and the ice lamps and even at those prices, I still couldn't find myself wanting to buy them.....

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