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My advice is to buy them - that is all.  End of review.

I admit that I opened them at the Target prior to bringing them to the cashier.  I would rather bring home a pair of known winners than return the things.  These were the only two I needed to look at; I initially targeted (at Target) the clear/yellow.  Wifey poo wanted the clear/red too.  Seeing as it appears to be a primo batch of lamps the store got, I will likely also grab the purple/yellow one.  When they look this good it makes me want a full set.  Well done Lava Lite, well done indeed!!!  Gold star.

There is a bit of a somewhat piercing bulb bleed at the junction of the lower and upper cones - a beacon of bright white light.  Really doesn't detract from the lamp at all.  I do want to add some colorized heat proof films to the inside of the upper cones.  Could probably do some crazy looks and even black out the coil (if inclined).

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Although I don't know much about stores in the US and Target etc but from what I reed hear it looks like target will stop selling the clear views exclusively as they arn't selling that well and LL will have them on there websight and at Spencer's

I reckon that to get the clear views just order them off line and get them shipped to you but do this when it gets cooler so they are likely to be clear.

Thought I'd add a quick observation. I now have two red clearviews. Both are crystal. My first one is extremely lazy, but the one I bought yesterday rocks! Strange.... It flows almost as good as my one lonely midnight. Well worth the $6 of my lunch money. :)

I picked up another Yellow/Clear Clearview for ~$7 and it was very cloudy...my first cloudy lamp from Target.  :(

Thought I'd note that my red Clearview is a bit lazy.  Once it warms up, I need to toss a towel over it for a little while to get some flow going.  Not the best flow, but probably above average for a China lamp. My yellow/clear one flows quit nicely while my yellow/purple is just a hair better than the red/clear (but it doesn't need to be jump started).

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