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Hey, so in the UK Mathmos have their Clear/White colourway one day sale. Is it worth it? 

Does anyone have any vids of pics of running one at night? 



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If you follow the 3 golden rules, your bottle will never go cloudy. 

Never move whilst warm or hot.

Don't run for more than the specified time. ie, dont overheat. 

And keep away from direct sunlight. 

Then the bottles will never cloud, he says. It's worked for me over the years anyway. 

The other thing I've noticed is that the older bottle is about 0.5cm shorter than the new one. The newer bottles are slightly wider too, and have a much chunkier glass base than the older one. Much much better quality. Looks amazing in my millennium telstar. 

I am trying a little experiment at the moment by putting the old bottle in a neo wall. I know the bottle flows very actively, so in theory should work well. I will post the results later tonight..

That will be an interesting test. 

I wish I could get bottles to last without going cloudy, all ours do with time, even following the golden rules. We do have some three in one astro bottles that are the totally clear and they've seen a lot of use. All our bottles are stored in cupboards with solid doors. Looking forward to seeing your experiment results. 

Unfortunately it never gets past a very large blob and never gets to the top third of the bottle. I'm going to get some 25w bulbs as someone else suggested so that I can use all my telstar bottles. 

The neo colours are very limited, but I've loads of baby telstar bottles. 

Anyway here's a picture. 

That's a shame, it would have looked really effective and very noticeable as a wall light. 

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