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hey everyone,

I have bought this Fluidium a couple of months ago. The seller told me it was cloudy, but I bought it anyway. I hoped it would clear up when I used it. Unfortunately it didn’t. What are your suggestions? I can keep it like it is now, but it would be so much nicer with a clear fluid. I’ve read a lot of forum posts, but they don’t really help me any furher.

Plus I’m afraid I might ruin the lamp completely if I do something wrong.


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I do not think it will clear up itself.
You can try different ways without guarante it will work:

1. Replace the liquid with a clear Mathmos liquid of an other Lamp. Maybe it will flow, maybe not.

2. You can filterpump the liquid with an msr mini works ex pump, but the Problem with small lamps is, that you will loose some liquid with the pump and you maybe need to top it of with destilled water or liquid from an other mathmos lamp.
if it is too much, it maybe will not flow anymore, but you can try to adjust the liquid.

3. Make your own new liquid with destilled water, epsom salt and a surfactant. You can find some threads here for this.

If everything does not work, you can still do a Glitter Fluidium with one of my kits for 39,99 Euro :-)

Thanks. Those glitterkits are really nice. Perhaps I’ll try to use the liquid from another new bottle, and if that fails I can try the glitterkits. 

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