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Hello all,

I have a question for you.  I have two American versions of the Coachlite.  One is the copper colored one with the "fill plug" on the right with red lava.  The other one is the golden colored one with the greenish blue lava.  I haven't seen many in that color.

Which one would be worth the most?  I am contemplating selling one of them, but I want to keep the rarer of the two.

I've attached photos, but the one of the red lamp isn't very good and it's not flowing, but it flows marvelously once it's warm.

Thank you in advance for any replies!


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So will someone look at these three and tell me what Gen.



a Gen 3 and two Gen 2's, though the one to the left may be hiding it's fill plug

But it has a fill cap like you can see on the photo!?

Gwen Williams said:

Gen 3 since it has no fill cap

my mistake, it does not show well in the shine for my screen, it is most likely a Gen 1 then since it has the bright copper without the fade to silver. Or since you have a ton of Mathmos, it is a Mathmos whom I believe only had one generation.

they are so beautiful! i love the saturna too! i bought a red/clear coachlite on ebay, my first online vintage lamp purchace, and im crushed to find out its being delivered today in the wrong state!!!! i hope the seller can get it back to me some how :( i got it for a good price and id rather have my lamp than my money back!

I hope you get it!! :-/

Masrcel, you have a stunning Gen. 1! Fill cap & gleaming mirror copper.

Marcel said:

So is this one here Gen1 or Gen2 ?

Gen. 3 on the left, and two rare Gen. 2s. Note how the Gen 2s have silvery metal, except for reddish (matte, not mirror) copper on the side rods, handle, and fill cap. Gen. 2s are rarer even than Gen. 1s! Also: Your Gen. 2s are (hazy but) lovely colors; the red/clear is common (though the lamp it's in is still rare) and green/blue with GREEN wax is quite rare. Your Gen. 3 also has rare GREEN/blue; it's nearly always found in one of the red/orange colors.
tweavs said:

So will someone look at these three and tell me what Gen.

I am very proud of my Gen1 :)  It is in perfect condition. The original bottle is in storage.

I have a Gen3 too but the bottle is not original.

Even if it isn't original, Gen. 3s in white/blue were made for a year or two at the end, and I like the look. Original ones are rare. What's the original color on your Gen. 3?

i have a white/blue replacement globe in one of my gen 3s too! i love it :D

i finally got a few days ago. the original globe broke in the mail and the package was sent back to the seller by the PO. he sent me the stand back with a replacement globe he said was from another red/clear coachlite but the color is off. its more of a coralish orangey color than the deep red so i think it must be from a century or something and its all cloudy :( i might try to filter it and see what happens. wish me luck :)

Christy said:

I hope you get it!! :-/

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