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hi! im new here and i have a few questions but first id just like to say what an amazing place this is! truly awesome :)

i have been a lover of lava for several years and have several new lava world lamps but just came across my first vintage lamp over the weekend. its a 3rd gen coachlite red/clear the bolttle looks awesome but the stand is a bit rough. i only paid $25 for it so im happy. the problem im having is that the goo melts and sort of swirls around and undulates at the bottom but dosent flow. i dont think its overheating because it dosent dome or bubble. it has a new 40wt bulb in it. the luqid is very clear and the wax is a very deep beautiful red with no icky stuff in it so i dont think its gone bad. anyone know whats going and how to fix it? also, is there any way to refinish the stand to mimic the original finish? (dosnt have to be spot on i just want it to look nice)

thanks a bunch goo guys and goo gals :D

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Welcome! We're glad you're here. 

How long have you run the lamp? It can take a few times for these lamps to right themselves, flow-wise. Do you have a pic you can share? 

thanks erin! im glad to be here :)

ive been cycling it over and over for a few days now. letting it heat up for about 2-4 hours then turning it off and letting it completely cool. this morning it acted like it wanted to flow. it sent up 2 blobs that went half way up the globe and fell right back down as if they were 2 heavy to float then the goo just sat on the bottom and acted like it wanted to flow but couldnt break the surface tension (does that make sence?) for about 2 hours before i turned it off. i will try to get a pic posted this afternoon. thanks for your help :)

I'd run it for 5-7 hours. 

I agree with Erin, it sounds to me like it is what I call "frozen", it just takes a while to get flowing, with the big 52oz globe it will take a while to get going.  The previous owner most likely let it sit without running for a while.  I have had this occur with a few of my older lamps. 

okay, i will try that and hopefully that will work. im so totally in love with this lamp and im dying to see it flow :D

ive had it going all day and still no change yet. when its completely cool ill try again.

ive been cycling it all week and something strange has happened. it sends up icky looking bubbles that pop and fall back down and the water has turned reddish and clouded. i think the wax has gone bad. im just going to replace the globe with a lava world globe till i can find a nice vintage replacement. also, i took off the rest of the dammaged finnish and polished the aluminum to a nice silver shine so at least that part turned out great. since this one will no longer be original (but im shure will still look fab with a new globe.) i bought another coach lamp on ebay in excelent condition.

the coach i bought on ebay that was soposed to be perfect broke in the mail and was returned to the seller by the post office. the seller sent me the stand with a replacement globe that he said was from another gen1 coach but the globe came totally cloudy and the wax is not a deep red like it should be. its more of a light coral red when cool and a bright orange when melted. it dosnt flow right either. it just blobs and sits there. the globe is dated 1973. did the coach come in orange? or is it from a century or something else? ive been cycling it but no change yet and no response from the seller. if i cant return it i may try to filter it but for now i guess im 0 for 2 :(

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