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I am in need of two perfect and ultra clean coils for 52oz bottles.

OR is there something I can get at ace hardware or similar store that will work?

I am going to dive into trying my first goo kit lamps and unfortunately did not keep any of the coils from any of the bottles I have cleaned over the last few months. Just my stupidity.

Let me know what you have, etc etc.



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Just bumping this thread as I really need some coils / springs. If know one has any, can't I make some from stainless wire wrapped around a pen or something along those lines?

I have a bunch of 32 oz coils that will work on a 52oz bottles if your interested. How many you looking for?

^^ I am looking for (4) total pieces. If using goo kits, will these work correctly for the amount of lava in a 52oz bottle?

Send friend request

Hope  that horse has some good teeth!

^^ I definitely am not following a private joke, ugh

I can only come with "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth"

kero, you can even use small stainless steel dish strainers or pieces of stainless (not aluminum) Screen (Although they look ugly)

A few 14" coils will work well to, but may steer the lava a bit to one side if not in center.

Im short on 52" size or id toss you a few

^^ Thanks for the info and understood. Dr. What is helping me out :)

Dr Watt?

Cool Doode!

kero48 said:

^^ Thanks for the info and understood. Dr. What is helping me out :)

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