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Collectors and first 100 important announcement.

On the Mathmos Blog, there's an important information notice about future first 100 releases. Anyone wishing to collect a first 100 lamp should read this first before buying. 

It looks like the UK gets half and Germany gets half of all new first 100 lamps. Personally, i think this is wrong as Mathmos is a UK company therefore we, sorry WE, should get first divvies. Yes here in the UK. 

However, I am looking forward to some new finishes and some new models too. But have practically given up on getting a first 100. 

Anyway have a look and please feel free to express your wishes for new lamps and finishes. Oh and Mathmos if you are listening LUNAR! 

Here's  the link.


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They should make it a first 500 or even 1000. Less disappointment for fans and collectors then. People will be happy just to have numbered lamp.

The Flocks were all numbered out of 1000 way back when....

"We have decided for now that new metal colourways in current models will be treated differently to completely new Mathmos lava lamp models. Completely new models will have an etch, print or badge on the product itself. We will let you know on social and email in advance when they will be launched and email again when they are ready to buy. New metal colourways in current classic Mathmos models will come with a FIRST100 sticker on the box and a numbered holographic certificate. We will not let you know in advance about the launch of these by email just on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will email when they are available to buy."

So new colourways WON'T be announced, only new models.This somewhat sucks as they generally don't release these until mid-morning when most people are already busy working or doing whatever.

I don't agree that we should get first dibs in the UK, we aren't priviledged or special, I'm sorry but that smacks of the same nationalistic rubbish that got us into this state in the first place.  Let's face it, this is a Brexit issue - they can no longer get the lamps to Europe easily so have to plan things way ahead.  Prior to this they could simply bung a first 100 from the UK warehouse on a Lorry and it would be there in a couple of days, now it's an utter mess and there would be extra taxes to pay. 

Every customer should get an equal chance.  Hell it could be argued that it's unfair to Europe since their combined population is much bigger than ours.  If their German website crashed, that is an issue for them to sort with their web host.  Upgrading their server to increase the bandwidth allowance would solve that.  It sounds like they need a complete overhaul of their website and selling system more than anything else.  I don't see any reason why all order shouldn't come through a central website and then orders simply allocated to a particular warehouse depending upon their origin.  I'm sure people would much rather have a completely fair system and wait a little longer for a numbered edition to be sent than have this.

I also agree that perhaps the first 100 should be extended instead.  I'm curious to know whether Europe has the same level of interest as here.  The yellow metallic astros never went out of stock on certain european sites (I'm also confused how this is going to work given the european countries each have their own separate site... It sounds like they are manually checking all of this by hand...)

I wholeheartedly stand by my original comments. I for one am incredibly proud that we have gotten out of bullyboy europe. And also proud of my nation that voted to get us out. And hope we stay out for good. Britain is a much better place and always will be without it. As for this mess? You've only got to look to europe for that one because it certainly isn't us causing it. 

On a much lighter note, i am looking forward to some home grown new products from Mathmos, lovingly made here in Britain. 

Keeping it more on-topic, let’s have some baseless speculation of possible new variants, models and/or ideas we’d like to see as to build anticipation that will almost inevitably lead to disappointment…

I’ll start:

An all-copper variant of the metallic Astro.

Return of glitter lamps (feels like they’re shooting themselves in the foot by not offering these, pretty much handing the market to the ‘off-brands’)

‘Metallic’ glitter variant using mirrored glass/ bottle

My thoughts on these...  Copper, absolutely *HOWEVER*...  I would really like to see them pick a copper colour and stick with it!  The neo's are a completely different copper to the astro from what I can tell looking at the site (I only have the neo, so can't say for sure), and from the photos I can't figure out where the fireflow fits in on the copper spectrum.

Another caveat for the metallic (mirrored) astros - for the love of all things good please let us buy replacement bottles :(  Even if they limit it to being able to buy 2-5 extra with a verified original purchase or something.  I'm terrified of scratching my metallics as I can't get replacement bottles - ditto overusing the wax.  Once the bottle is "done" it's done, and I'm left with yet another bog standard astro base.

Glitter, I'm not sure it's my thing to be honest, but variety is the spice of life!  I'm not sure if the glitter mirrored would work as well, there would be so much reflection it may be hard to see what's actually going on.

My wishlist...

  • A metallic wax.
  • Bases with more than one colour.  I *love* the black/copper telstar but missed it :(  If they could somehow incorporate similar ideas into the astro bases that would be awesome.
  • A return of the matt silver.  I'm definitely more of a "brushed" person than a "polished"
  • Some kind of limited run designer collaboration that didn't involve just etching a name on a bottle and sticking it on a bog standard base, let someone create a design for the base (etched or a lazer cut overlay of some kind (for example, some lazer cut copper overlay on top of the black astro base would be awesome!).  Regarding the last point, I really don't like the printed bases that lavalite tend to do (printed coral scene with the blue wax for example).  In my opinion, mathmos is more about a technical "clean" machined look and they do it well - stick to simplistic "hand crafted" well exectuted designs rather than mass-manufactured screen-print types.

    lampfancy said:

An all-copper variant of the metallic Astro.

Return of glitter lamps (feels like they’re shooting themselves in the foot by not offering these, pretty much handing the market to the ‘off-brands’)

‘Metallic’ glitter variant using mirrored glass/ bottle

Thought mirrored w/ glitter had potential to be interesting - but yes, it could be reflection overkill!

Plenty of scope for new base finishes;

they could offer polished or brushed variants of silver/aluminium, copper and perhaps a darker ‘gunmetal’ grey

I liked the idea of a copper Telstar, but wasn’t keen on the matt black body on the version the used to sell, would like to see either an all copper version or perhaps copper legs with chrome body (or vice versa)

Perhaps a line or brightly coloured anodised bases in a similar vein to the (now discontinued) ‘electric blue’


Also - would like to see ‘proper’ purple wax - nice and vibrant, as opposed to that dingy ‘plum’ colour they do.

A colour changing LED Astro lamp, like the Smart Astro. 

Glitter bottles, different sizes of glitter within the bottles, holographic glitter etc. 

Metallic wax bottles plus a more frequent change of available bottle colours. Clear liquids in the bottles options. 

Yes, the copper astro is much darker than the neo and fireflow version. Its very nice but much darker than the crestworth versions. 

I would like to see some metallic colour bases, maybe crimson, purple, emerald, something totally different. And yeah an all copper telstar. And as Susan says a return to the clear liquid bottles. 

It will be very interesting to see what the "new" lamp is. Let's hope it's not another candle variant. But a proper new lamp with a new style bottle, like the fluidium. 

Mathmos say that "you would have to have very deep pockets " to buy everything, that tells me that the new lamp might be a biggie. Maybe even bigger than the io? 

Time will tell. 

Something on the lines of the size of the Crestworth Princess, with clear fluid, colour changing LEDs and clear wax. 

Mmmmmmnn interesting.....

I'd like to see Glitter make a comeback too. 

If anyone hears about any of the new products, please could you post about them on this thread please? I'm not a social media user and given they are not announcing via email, I won't get to hear about them. Plus I should imagine I'm not the only person who doesn't use Facebook, twitter etc. (or maybe I am lol)

will do.  There hasn't been anything so far, however, I have to say I'm not a regular social media user either so it's entirely possible that I'll miss something.

I think the new models will still have email notifications, it's just the new colourways that won't.  I'm not sure, the wording is a little ambiguous

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