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Collectors and first 100 important announcement.

On the Mathmos Blog, there's an important information notice about future first 100 releases. Anyone wishing to collect a first 100 lamp should read this first before buying. 

It looks like the UK gets half and Germany gets half of all new first 100 lamps. Personally, i think this is wrong as Mathmos is a UK company therefore we, sorry WE, should get first divvies. Yes here in the UK. 

However, I am looking forward to some new finishes and some new models too. But have practically given up on getting a first 100. 

Anyway have a look and please feel free to express your wishes for new lamps and finishes. Oh and Mathmos if you are listening LUNAR! 

Here's  the link.


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And me. Let's hope it's a really new and different concept with a new style bottle, not just using the same bottles in the current range. 

I'm hoping for a biggy. Bigger than the Io. Or even a lunar relaunched. 

But in reality, i bet it's another candle powered lamp. Or a different style astro. Whatever it is i bet Mathmos will use a generic style bottle. 

Going to keep my copper baby and hope it grows on me, i think it's unfair to keep sending them back, so they've got a reprieve this time round. I like it just a teensy bit more than the vinyl astro. Glad to be shot of that one. 

I really wish Mathmos would employ someone with a modicum of imagination, or just bend the curve a little. Same old is getting tired and boring now. 

The best lamps are the ones they have discontinued. A cast metal fluidium would have been stunning. Lunars would fly out. So would cast metal Jets. So where are they? 

The IO, Luna and Telstar don't interest me, so any relaunch or special of those won't float our boat because they wouldn't go with our decor at all. Hubby loves his vinyl astro lamp, I run a white Astro Baby. Hubby has just purchased me a boxed candle powered Fireflow 01 glitter lamp for my Birthday with 8 beautiful different coloured lava bottles, he paid £250 for the collection. But I've got it up for sale because although it's great, it doesn't look as nice as I thought it would where I positioned it and I've nowhere else to put it. So nothing candled powered will float my boat, I like bright coloured wax as it moves. A colour changing lamp (smart Astro) would though, but I'd be very nervous running one after the trouble we had with the three Smart Astros we purchased when they were released. They all went back sadly, my Hubby has said he wouldn't trust them, although I guess we could have just been unlucky and purchased bad ones, three out of three lol. 

I honestly wish they'd let us select base colours.

My desk is black with dark walls behind, the white bases just stand out horrendously.

I also found out the hard way that the bases REALLY need rubber grommet thingies on the bottom :(  I knocked one of my lamps whilst moving things and it went skidding across the top.  I've ordered a variety of sizes from aliexpress but unfortunately none of them will be exactly the right size, the inner hole to the outer leg width ratio is off.  I'll probably go with the one that matches the external width of the small legs and dump some hotglue or something in them to hold them in place.  Either way I don't want that happening again!  The bottle survived, but the lid is all dented.

Edit: I would also love if they'd let us buy the plastic base section to replace the ones on the old bases.  I have a matt silver, no lightbulb I've found will work properly - the halogen type are too far away so the lamp doesn't heat up, and the globe incandescents sit too close to the new bottles so the bulbs overheat and blow really quickly (I assume, haven't had one last more than a few weeks)

I wonder whatever happened to reuse don't replace.


I have had several broken leads for my lamps and have had to replace them myself. Good job im a qualified electrician. 

But they steadfastly refuse to supply new bulb holders and leads which would be an easy swap. A whole new base is a waste, when the whole old base is thrown away. Mathmos need to rethink this or offer a repair service for old lamps. Either that or truly stick to their reuse don't replace, and offer a proper service. 

Most companies talk a good game with superficial ‘greenwashing’ rhetoric, but ultimately are far more interested in profit. I suppose the fact they offer replacement components at all puts them ahead of other lamp manufacturers in the ‘repairability’ stakes.

If we’re talking about the newer Astro/ baby bases with the plastic ‘upstand’ bases then yes the bulb holders/cords can be replaced easily enough, since they are just clipped into the base, mostly just a case of sourcing suitable components, you can buy similar to those that Mathmos use from electrical suppliers:

1x ‘special applications’ bulb holder here (second from bottom)

1x 2 core cord w/ inline switch set here

1x EU converter plug (if you’re in the UK) 


No electrician necessary, no more difficult than wiring a plug.

Well crap, one of the clips snapped lol.  (it's old and the plastic is brittle - I knew it was a possibility but figured I'd give it a go anyway).

No big deal, it's not like I could really use the thing anyway.

Looking at it I'm wondering if I can strip the wired innards of the existing holder and shove a GU10 fitting on top.  I haven't been able to look closely at my new lamps because they are either on (and hot) atm, or in storage, but it looks like it's just a bog-standard GU10 fitting that's somehow fitted to the clip base.  A quick look around on site has brought up nothing of that sort, so I'm wondering if theirs was a hybrid solution.

This kind of thing:


I tried using a screw in converter a while ago but it made the bulb sit far too high

I'm not going to have time until mid-week, but I may have myself a new project!

Hmm, I’d keep an eye on eBay for any ‘spares or repair’ bases that might be worth ‘cannibalising’ for the base/fitting/cord, recently came across a listing for a damaged Astro base with the metal body bent/ distorted but the fittings still in tact, could have been worth snapping up but the listing seems to have gone now.

Not sure about taking the existing bulb holder apart, if it’s the type I’m thinking of with the ‘push fit’ terminals they’re not really designed to be taken apart, think this would be difficult to do without completely wasting it.

That's a good idea, and much more sensible than my route!

2 new finishes available from tomorrow. But they're not saying which. 

I would exclude the astro and astro baby as they've just had new models launched. That leaves telstar, neo, io or the candle range.

I'm betting on telstar. 

Looks like it's gojng to be a paint splatter finish. Interesting....

Thanks for update. 

Bright Pink and Orange. Kinda fun.

Was coming around to the idea of a 'paint splatter finish', as previously suggested, but it seems to just be part of the marketing spin... So it’s two new paint finishes on the Neo, now offered in bright pink or orange - look decent enough, bright colours make a change, reminds me a bit of the neon/ day glow Jets from the ‘90s, probably won’t be rushing to buy though…

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