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Collectors and first 100 important announcement.

On the Mathmos Blog, there's an important information notice about future first 100 releases. Anyone wishing to collect a first 100 lamp should read this first before buying. 

It looks like the UK gets half and Germany gets half of all new first 100 lamps. Personally, i think this is wrong as Mathmos is a UK company therefore we, sorry WE, should get first divvies. Yes here in the UK. 

However, I am looking forward to some new finishes and some new models too. But have practically given up on getting a first 100. 

Anyway have a look and please feel free to express your wishes for new lamps and finishes. Oh and Mathmos if you are listening LUNAR! 

Here's  the link.


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Mathmos are killing me right now. The new Neos have litrally just arrived on my doorstep and now thins drop. 

The Telstar looks so good in black. 

They do need to bring something new out in my opinion, something that doesn't cost the earth. Reading another thread the Saturn is going to cost a fortune, so out of my price range. 

Loving the black, just ordered one!  Unlikely to get one of the first 100 at this time I would imagine, but that's ok.

This will be my first telstar!  The silver ones never really appealed to me,  I loved the black/copper, but missed those sadly.  The black looks lovely though!  It will look awesome with the limited run white bottles :)

I like both finishes but would like to see a new bottle or two… holding off on my order to the US another few weeks just in case.

I didn't know there were two options, just saw the black one on the email. The orange is great, striking, but not for our decor. Great lamps though. 

The black first 100 has now sold out. The telstar has always been a firm favourite in our house. The orange neo arrived this morning and quite frankly it's stunning. Everybody loves it. Really bright, warm and welcoming. 

I really like the Neo lamp design, I always did from the first time I saw them. The only reason we've never purchased one is the fact you can't just take the top off easily to swap bottles about, it's a fiddle around. We swap our bottles nearly every run, then swap them back to white and clear or black and clear when not lit. 

It's easy. Provided there are no kiddies about, just leave the back screw out, then just lift the bottle and back plate out together, swap your bottle then pop it back in. Just like the io, i never have put the screws into them. Even my neo walls do not have the back screws in, so I can just lift them out and swap out the bottles. The back screw is just a child safety feature and is not essential.

If I was confined to putting the screw back in every time, i probably would never have bought them in the first place........ now I have 13 of them. Love them and won't part with them. 

You can even swap out the bulb for a 25w capsule, then run a telstar baby bottle in them. My neo walls currently have a clear green and a clear turquoise telstar bottles in them and they work like a dream. But i don't use them that often due to running costs. 

Thanks for that info Jezza, I like the white Neo, I didn't know you could swap astro baby bottles into them. 

I have to chuckle when I read your recent posts, I thought you were conquering your addiction and thinning down your collection haha! (no offence meant lol) I can understand it, as I've got the same problem myself!! I bought a second lamp the Vinyl, Hubby wanted it, but it still makes two lamps again lol. 

I know. Im like a kid in a candy shop especially this time of year when all the new lamps come out. This year we've been particularly spoiled with new lamps aplenty. I sold off about 12 lamps, and after a count up, I've still got about 80 lava lamps. So finding it difficult to let them go at the mo. And there's lots i just will never let go. Please send the men in white coats.....

I find it hard lol, I bought six white and clear Astro baby bottles because I didn't want to be left without one.........that's not normal behaviour in my opinion lol. 

Hubby wanted the Astro vinyl, why? we already had a 90's brushed astro. 

I always wanted a fireflow 01, so hubby purchased me one plus a collection of bottles for my Birthday, doesn't look right in the only place I wanted to display it, so that was an impulse buy lol. 

We had two lamps on tonight, they just get going and we're off to bed......I put them on at 5pm, going to bed to watch TV 10.30pm!

I'm another one who never bothers with the screw on the Neo.  The top slots in to the base and is secure enough, so there's nothing to worry about unless it's in constant danger of being knocked over

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