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Another lamp from Claude's Creations!

After much research, effort, and hard work (and a causality), I have perfected and tested the remote controlled color change grande.

In the past month, I've managed to assemble 2 black automotive painted bases (only 1 for sale) and 4 standard brushed silver bases

All lamps come with 1000 Watt SCR dimmers, 5 key Radio Frequency touch controllers that will give you 14 different modes with various speed and dim settings per your command.

Strobe, Fade, Jump, Flash, Cross fade, etc

All Lamps have been tested for over 2 weeks and professionally packed for shipment.

(Packed better than when they were initial shipped)

The costs to make these (without labor) is high in order to to do it correctly

There is initial costs of the globe and base ($ Varies) +$67 in electronics and the Goo/Dye was an additional $45

Calculate in the time for labor, (almost 10hrs alone to properly re-goo and seal 5 globes), R&D costs, and materials and you will see this is a bargain.

I am offering one brushed silver to OG members at a discounted price of $275+ shipping

The high gloss finish Black base would be $350+ shipping (paint costs alone was $120)

Partial Trade entertained (Icons?)

Please PM me if your interested

PayPal accepted and preferred.

(Specks are reflexion form mat due to high gloss finish)

See video here: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=t5hl1JmpoHs


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Top Ramen,

too funny

Thank you

A absolutely top notch project there - they look fantastic and hopefully this is going to be a lamp that actually fully works as a color changing lava lamp (even if one had to be sacrificed).

Thank you

It is a working model and has been in production

8 built thus far

See  VIDEO Here: http://oozinggoo.ning.com/video/color-change-grande-lava-lamp-by-cl...

Thanks a lot! All I had to do to make it work in germany is replacing the ceramic unit with a 240v unit. thats it :)

Looks great

Glad it worked out

It was quite a task packaging the lamp for international travel

I am going to run a Holiday special

(For those across the pond-its labor day here is USA)

For anyone that was on-the-fence about buying one of these, Now will be the time.

Discounted price will be in effect until September 8th

I am offering one brushed silver to OG members at a REDUCED discounted price of $225+ shipping

The high gloss finish Black base would be $300+ shipping (paint costs alone was $120)

Two of my lenders that I  Market services for, have screwed me out of over $43,800 in commissions in the past month.

Add to that, an OG member has not held true to his word and has not paid me what was owed on a $2000 trade deal I should have NEVER agreed to (And wasted an untold amount of my time and resources), my disposable income has diminished.

Don't worry, revenge will come in my own time

G.T. Please read the whole string

These have been tested for over a week in warm conditions

The heating element is set with precision measuring tools to ensure they are at the correct height

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