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How in the world do you get these big boys off the stand. Especially if it has an accessory table. Has anyone done this. If this globe breaks it would flood someone out boy! To change a bulb must be an adventure. Need the hulk or what? They should have a door in the back that opens and you just replace the bulb and close the door ... now that is a thought hey!? I welcome any and all thoughts. As always thanks guys you are the best!!!!

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Thanks for the idea of using a mat! You are brilliant. Suppose I can pick one up at say Walmart? Btw I read a while back I think it was you that had a seal break on the colossus. What does that mean and how do you know if it broke? What does the seal do? At one pint I thought I heard 2 loud pops on my Colossus and I noticed the top cap is bowing up a bit ... Thoughts?
Thanks as always!
What does the seal do? IS this so the liquid will not evaporate? If it goes will the lamp turn cloud?
Why did you use a magnifying glass? Because of the shape?
Thanks again .. you are a wealth of knowledge for sure!!!!!

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