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Not sure if this is kosher, but here goes:

Hello, I've inherited a colossus lava lamp I don't have time or room for. The fade switch on this particular one had fried out and was replaced with an on/off switch instead. If there is anyone in the central Georgia area that would like to check it out:


I would prefer this go to an owner who can fully appreciate a 4' tall lava lamp. My friend pictured with this monster of a lava lamp is 5'3". :)

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Joey read first string of this thread

The Colossus is mine

We are working out shipment arrangements

Cost is a bit prohibitive:

I believe standard freight charges will be more palatable on the wallet,..

Besides, Rebecca works in a shipping department

MileHigh said:

Maybe this could work for you? - 


It would be really cool to see your Colossus on an episode of Shipping Wars!  - 


AWESOME!!! Love that clear/red!! Congrats Claude!!! Looking forward to see it flowing!

Did anyone end up buying this?

Mike Davis said:

Did anyone end up buying this?


So jealous, congrats! :)


Its not here yet..

I'll be relaxed once it arrives

I know that feeling.  Shipped a Lunar from the Netherlands.  One of the longer 2 weeks of my life, and a good chunk of change to get it here.  :)

Agreed, The diamond plate lamp form Australia took about the same time.

To top it off,Rebbecca is under the weather.

I put a bid in with Uship and I'll see what they come up with for pricing but i fear it will be high

Good luck & godspeed, Claude!

So jelous !!

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