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We're having our first contest here at Oozing Goo! And, this contest has prizes! The name of this contest is called "Lava in the Wild" and is open to all members of the Oozing Goo community.


The contest is pretty simple: snap a photo of your running lava lamp in an unconventional / weird / funny location. Send the lamp photo TO ME via this site and I'll post it here and keep track of who's photos belongs to whom and we'll vote at the end. This will ensure an even and level playing field. :)


Please make sure to send your pics to ME, which will require you to friend me on this site. If you have any issues sending me a photo, contact me and I'll help you out!


Here are the official rules:

1) The lamp and photo must be YOURS. No grabbing anything off Google Images, please. ;)

2) The lamp must be RUNNING. Yes, I know, that'll make it a little more challenging, but it will also make the contest more fun, too. 

3) The lamp must be a LAVA lamp. Sorry glitters, this contest is not for you.

4) No Photoshops! If we suspect a P'shop, you're out!

5) No more than 3 photos maybe be submitted by any one member of this site. 

6) ALL members of Oozing Goo, regardless of country or length of membership, are eligible to win. 



1st and 2nd place winners will have their choice of ONE of the following:

  • 1999 BNIB Lava Lite Yellow/Red 8402
  • 1999 BNIB Lava Lite Clear/Blue 8413
  • Lava Lite Blue/White Psychedelic Swirl


The contest opens August 5th and will end at midnight on September 2nd. No exceptions. Winner will be determined by popular vote.


Voting will be from September 3rd to September 10th. You may vote for ONE photo. To see all the photos in a photo album, look here: http://oozinggoo.ning.com/photo/albums/lava-in-the-wild-contest-ent...


GOOD LUCK everyone! :)




CURRENT ENTRIES in no particular order (click to see full size):


Photo 1:


Photo 2:


Photo 3:


Photo 4: 


Photo 5:


Photo 6:


Photo 7:


Photo 8:


Photo 9:


Photo 10: 


Photo 11:


Photo 12:


Photo 13:


Photo 14:


Photo 15:


Photo 16:


Photo 17:


Photo 18:


Photo 19:


Photo 20:


Photo 21:


Photo 22:


Photo 23:

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The voting will first begin at september the 2nd right ? :)
Voting will most likely happen Monday, September 5th, but we'll make it official once I talk to Mark. 

Da9L said:
The voting will first begin at september the 2nd right ? :)
WOW, great stuff!!!  More, more!!!  :)
that 1st one is from Randers, Denmark! :D cool!!
Love them!  Hopefully this will get the creative juices flowing for some of you!  ;-)
We're up to 13 entries! Check them out!
Contest ends at midnight on Sept. 2nd - still time to get your pics in! :)
These are amazing guys keep them coming!!

I was not able to send my pics to Erin so here is my contribution to the contest

Sorry Jack! I did accept your friend request. I'll save these and put them in with the rest. Thank you and good luck!

Wow, it's going to be difficult to pick favorites, when we vote!  Nice work, everyone!  :)

Whew!  Finally got my entries sent to Erin with just a few hours to spare.  Looking forward to how this all turns out,  good luck y'all   :)

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