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Weird and overpriced lamps Formerly "Contest: who can find the most overpriced lamp"


Any lamp is fair game now, not just the beatles and harley lamps. This thread has grown far beyond my expectations! 0.0

I really dont understand why these are always listed for ridiculous amounts. I see them all the time for $100 buy it now. I have a harley lamp and I want to sell it because I dont like it. Someone locally tried to sell me a beatles lamp for $100. Are these people nuts? Why do they all seem to list them for stupidly high prices?

Anyways I thought it would be fun to see who can find the most over priced harley davidson or beatles submarine lamp.

I am setting the bar really high.


$274.99 Buy it now.

$26.99 Shipping.

$301.98 Total

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More tragic than sad Nick... what a gimp !
VOXul said:

Wing and a prayer Pete!  That isn't even a glitterball is it? Looks like the wax is plain Jane yellow.

Aladdin 2 Lava said:

That listing is a case of list all the key words even though I have no idea what I am talking about. Hopefully someone will have to buy it, and I will double my money on a lamp that can easley be picked up for 10-30 quid.

Someone asked me recently if an Excalibur Glitter was worth more than a goo lamp. I'm not sure but according to this guy, yes ;)

That must be one hell of a night light...


Someone just listed what they are calling an 01 clear/white lamp on Ebay.

Besides appearing pretty cloudy, the image of the cap appears to show that it is just a faded 03 globe that was made in 1999.

Either this seller is completely ignorant or she is hoping to find a buyer who is - LOL

Nice to see that the seller acknowledged her mistake and promptly ended the auction.

And again, seller did the right thing checking on the OG.  Came to the right place!!!

Just saw that and laughed it has to be a typo. Has to be $8 bucks. LOL

If that's Economy Shipping, I'd hate to see what Priority costs...

Whoa!!!  You could get a butt ton of lamps shipped from the UK for 800.00!!!!!  haahaahaahaa !!!!

Super Deal on a "Grande"....

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