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Weird and overpriced lamps Formerly "Contest: who can find the most overpriced lamp"


Any lamp is fair game now, not just the beatles and harley lamps. This thread has grown far beyond my expectations! 0.0

I really dont understand why these are always listed for ridiculous amounts. I see them all the time for $100 buy it now. I have a harley lamp and I want to sell it because I dont like it. Someone locally tried to sell me a beatles lamp for $100. Are these people nuts? Why do they all seem to list them for stupidly high prices?

Anyways I thought it would be fun to see who can find the most over priced harley davidson or beatles submarine lamp.

I am setting the bar really high.


$274.99 Buy it now.

$26.99 Shipping.

$301.98 Total

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An example of how to NOT market your product. Find a limited interest item, but make sure it is one that even collectors tend to avoid, make a high-dollar alteration for a cheap product, and then make sure that they look worse together that they do separately. lol
ha ha thats funny.
$100? Crap. Must HAVE!
This one will be hard to beat.

How about this? I have one of these. Got it for $110 shipped. This one has glitter that looks to have gone clear. A steal at $375!

Or this cool "flying saucer" lamp with what looks like a very damaged fiber optic spray:

Shipping is *only* $63!
you have to forgive them, they are from Quebec.. they dont know any better :) haha
Not in the states but, seems really expensive to me, maybe I'm just tight with money lol : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Nightmare-Before-Christmas-Lava-Lamp-RARE-BNI... Having said that, I don't know anything about that type of lamp, could well be worth twice that for all I know. I only know I wouldn't pay it.

I dont know how we all missed this gem, if it was a few dollars cheaper I would have bought it .. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rt=nc&nma=tru...
 Autumn get a screen shot of that one, it should be at the top of the list.


you have to open the pic but its just a yellow jet, bog standard!
yeah right, i've got one and it cost me like £15!

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