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Hello everyone! I am new here, I happened upon this site while looking for information on the lamp that I have. I now know it is a continental lamp, but I think mine must be a harder to find one. I got it at an auction about 4 or 5 years ago, and I knew that since it was candle powered, it was a rarer one, so I put it away,and forgot about it. i do have several other lamps, and I really enjoy watching them. The lamp that I have has the base with 4 legs. Does anyone know the correct name for it?

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No, definitely production, just rare. Where/how did you find it? Is there wax and a wick left, does it look like it was used?

Awesome lamp, finally nice to see a picture of one. Watch out for that asbestos disc, gotta love the 60s :)

I got this at an auction a few years ago. I saw it at my sister in laws father's estate sale, and knew it must have been hers or one of her siblings, and knew that it was a harder to find one, since it was candle powered. I packed it away after that and forgot about it until the other day.

 There is still lots of wax in the candle. and a wick, but I think that someone put a small candle on top of the old one and lit it, as the wax is taller, and whiter. i don't know if there is a wick under that or not.  The whiter one was lit. There is no black around the inside of the sandle cup, so maybe they cleaned it? I have never used it, and probably won't.

For some reason the last two scans didn't want to scan like the other long ones, so it scanned it in two different pictures!
Thanks for posting all the scans! How cool. :)

I'll finish updating the "History of the Consort" document in the next few days. I've been compiling information for the last couple of years. Included are descriptions and pictures of at least 25 varities of Consort type lamps, in both lava and glitter. I've also rated the lamps on their rarities.

Jonas, can I have your permission to paraphrase some of your text from this thread in my document?

If an administrator can tell me how to post a word or pdf file to this site, I'll be glad to put it in the "Lava Library". If I can't post it directly, perhaps I can email it to an administrator who can then make it available on this forum.

Again, I can't say how wonderful it is to see this lamp for the first time.

I'm hoping that one day a Meditation Consort will also surface.

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