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Hey Gooheads,

I've just bought another copper coach lantern and it has American wiring but some distinct differences from the other American wired copper coach lamp I have. Thought id document both lamps and add to the conversation. 

Some interesting observations-

My first copper coach w/ american wiring came with a sea foam/clear american bottle (not pictured, I have a midnight purple/clear globe in). The second came with a British bottle. The second copper coach has deeper lines in the cap. The fill caps are also different between the two. Both lamps have a small hole directly next to the American wiring, which leads me to believe they were both rewired. The cording is old though so it must have been done at least a couple decades ago. All in all i'm very confused about what I actually have. I've attached pictures and would love to hear from other collectors who have American wired Copper Coach lamps, other opinions, etc. 



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both are british crestworths the little hole at the back is for the Earth wire connection, there would have been a screw and on the inside the earth wire would been attached to a cable grip with a washer type end and held in place by a tiny metal rectangle strip with a grip hole and screwed tight ( soz hard to explain ) but my lamps running so cant take a photo of the inside.

as the indentation lines around the cap ( top part ) and the fake filler up knob on the base there were variations during production over the years, its hard to tell which one is the oldest as there both been re-wired, the very early models have a nut ( loose ) in the top cap and you have to hold that in place to screw and attached the stays, its blood awkard,  the stays then slip throu the base and have big washers and nuts to hold them in, unlike yours which have the nut screw system fixed ontop of the base.

In one of your top copper parts that silver insert is like a adapter to hold the bottle level, thats possibly glued in but can be taken out

attached are images of the first production features,  nut and bolt system on top cap, base stays hang loose attached inside base , earth wire set up etc

Great find.

If anyone has an extra top handle, i am in need of one

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