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Someone is selling an enchantress lamp for $115 but the top is cracked...  They claim is doesnt leak when being held upside down, the lamp itself is super clear, yellow wax, has the flowers and the base isnt dented..  Is this worth $115 free shipping ??

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Those come up fairly frequently I would personally just wait. If you have a spare cap off another lamp it’s not a horrible price, but you could probably find one for $75 - $100.

Here isa pic of the lamp, 75-100$ but is that with free shipping or 20$ shipping thats the thing


Oh and here isa pic of the bottom i cant tell what those numbers are.  they said there is no sticker inside the cap, the stickers in the lamp base are square so is the blue one so that means 70s right ? 

He claims its a 76 but there is nothing saying what year it really is


oh i see, one has jacked up wax though.  Id have to drain the liquid and boil the globe to try and fix those water bubbles in the wax.. Not to mention that puke color is ugly lol.

I see what your saying though.  115$ seems like too much.  I guess I'll just wait 3-4 days and bid on the green one thats up there now.

Also the liquid on this is clear.. the part number for enchantress says Yellow with orange MIST.  shouldnt the liquid be orange then and not clear.. i wonder if someone tried to fix it at one point

Fluid fades over time

it's a redo in either case

So, I would say there are better options out there if you want to wait for them.  The globe may hold fluid while upside down, but what about under pressure (as when the globe is heated)?  The flower ring isn't original (at least I haven't seen the like before), and it seems too overpowering.  As far as the color it could be faded from the original or have been replaced.  Fading is expected in globes this old so as long as the color looks good to you it's okay.

Ill just wait then this one i like better but i think its an 80s one, as the blue sticker inside is round not square.  What do you guys think of this one

The flower ring doesn't look original on this one either.  Also the globe colors don't look original, but I could be wrong on that.

It does look very nice though.

Ok well you were right.  I waited 2 days lol and one poped up for only $34.  It didnt have the flowers, but i dont care about them I want to put gem stones in it like amethyst and stuff.  I just bought an early 70 maybe late 60's one i think as the sticker is square.  I keep reading the round stickers are 80s.  Anyway the only issue with it, is the spring is broken.  I dont care about that.  I'll just drain the liquid in a clean glass jar with a top and set it asside.  Then heat the bottle in a pot of boiling water to melt the wax and pour the wax out so i can get the spring.  If the spring is rusted ill just buy a cheap lamp on ebay or spencers and use those springs..  If the spring isnt rusted I'll just get my welder out and do a quick tack weld on the spring and toss it back in with the wax and liquid.


Here is the lamp i bought.  Although im still gonna go after the green one above

You should be able to just press the coil ends back together.  I've had to do that before without any problems.  Also you can use a long wire with a hooked end to get the coil out without draining the globe, just heat it to melt the wax.

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