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Picked up 3 lamps last night. 2 Midnights ( yellow/yellow and clear/purple) And i got myself one that I can't redily identify. I think it's a century but not sure. (blue liquid/yellow wax)

Either way they flow nicely and am happy with the purchase...was able to get all 3 lamps for 45 bucks :)

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yes, that is a century. very good find dude
Great find, great price! And yep, that's a (very slightly faded, almost exactly like mine) white/blue Century. Tilt the globe, look up into the airspace, and there should be a sticker with its date.
No luck on a date. theres no sticker there and i was able to unscrew the cap quite easily. So a previous owner got to it. From what I know( and I could be wrong) they made this colour combo in the 80's.
This could have been made any time from very early 80s to mid 90s. Any which way about it, it's a classy lamp.
lets see...
clear/ purple =22990150 - 2155bms
double yellow = hard to see...faded..03971172 - 1117hms

thats as well as i can make out
03 on double yellow
22 on the purple...hmm it seems 22 is blue liquid purple wax...i suppose the blue faded out...
No big loss!! won't feel so bad using a goo kit on em ;)

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