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Hi. Did anyone else catch this auction for the highly rare Crestworth glitter wall sconce. For most of the week it's been sitting on £210. With seconds to go, of course, the price went up by about £200 a second ending at an incredible £1001 sterling.

How much would you have bid for this complete rarity and highly sought after wall glitter lamp?


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i slipped in £305 and it shot up to £900, personally i dont think its worth the £1001. wonders what mistrolite would make :-)

link to auction as I am curious as to what it looks like.


kero48 said:

link to auction as I am curious as to what it looks like.

Thanks Johnny. Crazy prices!

Wow pretty cool glitter lamp, I can see it's appeal, maybe for less money though lol.

1200,00 ist diese garantiert Wert

Not sure what Enrico means, I think it's "these are worth 1200" (?)

They are pretty rare - I can't remember the last one I saw for sale

(And I completely missed this auction, but wouldn't have gone that high. I think. Sour grapes?)

How many of these are known?

ive seen around 5 over the years, all copper, they are rare but never expected it to go so high, maybe everyone will dig theres out and bombard the market :-)

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