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My first attempt came out a success, and sold in the first five minutes... I can make more.



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holy crap.. 220.00 bucks...!

holy crap is right! I should sell mine! lol

no kidding..

I decided $195 was a better number. I also added a $50 rebate if you send me an empty bottle. I can't afford to buy 1.75 liters of high end vodka at $100 each to make lava lamps... I don't need all that vodka!  :)

oh hey brother so not knocking you... hats off to you ...

Those are only 750 ml. They don't work that size. Kinda like a 750 ml bottle of Patron. They are too short and fat, there's not enough vertical distance to get the kind of lava action we all know and love... I use 1.75 liter big bottles. They work great, but they are expensive...

I have been watching the big ones on Ebay. They close anywhere from 45 to 75 bucks empty. I can buy them new for $100, full of vodka, with the box, just five minutes away.... And 5% of my money supports our local government!

Oh nice they make a bigger bottle, when I bought mine they just made the 750 ml one, which still cost me about $75. Pretty decent vodka though, not strong at all.

how did you make the base?

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