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This looks promising. If nothing else, a red lava/ yellow liquid Grande is on its way!

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^^ Wow, that is very interesting about the rubber plug. I would think that is happening during the cool time cycles each time you use the lamp.

Between those issues and the insanely long start up time, I never run it anymore. 

kero48 said:

^^ Wow, that is very interesting about the rubber plug. I would think that is happening during the cool time cycles each time you use the lamp.

That is why GLITTER grandes are the only way to go. I gave my lava grande to a friend who moved across the country as a gift for his new place. The start up time only allowed me to use it on the weekends and I didn't like to leave it unattended in case the bottle decided to break one day.

Same here. Only ran it on the weekends. The flow is amazing, but the bits of black stuff are really off-putting. I had two Heritage Grandes - gave the green one to friend and then he lost it in an apartment fire. I generally prefer lava to glitter though. 

Totally understood with regards to lava over glitter for your preference.

Give glitter a chance, it gets rather addictive, and the larger the bottle the more they pull you in hahaha.

I just cleaned out my 2003 red glitter grande that the previous owner let sit to long without using. Even with it's deteriorated state it was still nice to look at it and ran decently but the stains on the inside of the bottle just drove me crazy. I cleaned it out so I can make room for other stuff and will list in the F/S section shortly.

I really really do hope that the glitter clumping issue on some of their new lamp does not happen with these new glitter grandes as I am very excited to get one.

Another good thing with the glitter grandes, One should not have to worry about receiving it with cloudy fluid but I guess it could happen even with a glitter based lamp.

Sounds like the rubber plug leaked when hot (or lamp overheated at some point) thus when it cools it wants to suck in inward.

Agreed on Glitter, much faster startup and less energy to run

Or go with custom color-change so its worth the energy to run (self-promotional tidbit) LOL

Magma tower goo runs on lower wattage

I wonder what the cost of these new custom Grandes are gonna be? Well like I said count me in on that yellow/red! However I could care less about those painted globe models though.

I would also like to see a return of the clear/black as well!

I am not big on the painted globes either but the glitter grande in the photo is shown with a painted globe. i would prefer they didn't but if they do I might just have to live with it.

Now for sale on Lava Lite's website. I snagged a yellow/red with gold base and cap. We'll see what the quality is like.

Also, use retail20 for 20% off! I found that by doing a Google search for coupon codes and it worked!!!

Link: https://lavalamp.com/product/9998/ ;

thanks for the info Erin! Got myself a red/yellow with a black base. We'll see if the quality improves 

I am definately going to consider the glitter bottle with black base and cap.

I hope everyone who gets one posts videos as if the new lava versions are good, maybe I'll eventually get one of those too.

I also wonder if spencers will carry any of these new grandes as I have a $60 gift card waiting to be used

So, does anyone think the glitter will suffer from clumping? I might have to call them to ask the question.

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