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I've decided to clear out some of my collection

Please review the PDF attachments

No reasonable offer refused


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Check PM

Oh man, those coach-lites.  I hope they are sold.  I am running out of special occasions to buy more lamps.  Have exhausted Valentine's Day and anniversary.  My birthday isn't until Fall.   

They are still available

One of a kind 

New old stock globes with practically new lave only run a few times for photos

Triple chrome plated

I'l hold them if you want but we are getting prepared to move and you know how that goes, Im only hoping the movers keep everything related together.

see pm

Silver Color change Grande is SOLD
Black Color Change -Available

Harley Davidson -Available

Punk Rock-Available  (I now have a Black goo/Clear liquid grande globe to go with it)

Chili Pepper -Available

GemLite-Unavailable-I Cannot find it for now

Smilie Face Lamp -SOLD

Claude, I finally unpacked the color changer.  Wow!  I don’t think I really understood how big a grande is, definitely much larger than my Excalibur’s.  My son and I unpacked it and we are in awe.  I powered up the lamp and waiting for it to flow, the color changing lights work amazingly well.  I need to find batteries around here somewhere for the remote.  I have been dealing with crazy clients for the past week and a half, this grande really picked up my mood. Now if I can only fend it away from my toddler, he wants it in his room now and says I can take back the Excalibur’s LOL.   I will get pictures up when the flow is good.  Thanks again Claude, love your work!  You should be part of Lava Lite and help them out cuz they seriously need true and dedicated lava peeps as consultants!  

I am so happy to hear your satisfaction and enjoyment.!

Your toddler has good taste as well, LOL

Yes, the Grande is the biggest lava lamp currently offers.

The Colossus was the largest but is no longer produced due to costs and shipping issues

As far as doing this full time, If I were to make this a full-time hobby business, It would require an affordable goo formula.

Or, I could just kill time and my weekends and fill a small storefront in a tourist area, continue adding to the collection,  and have a lava lamp museum ~! :)

Nice chili pepper bottle :)



Nothing personal, I, just done want any memory of that scumbag's transaction

Dr. WHAT?! said:

Nice chili pepper bottle :)

Lol no worries. To whom buys it, it was made with lot of love :)

I know I can Tell

Dr. WHAT?! said:

Lol no worries. To whom buys it, it was made with lot of love :)

Hi Claude,

I was wondering if you still have a colour changing grande lamp for sale and if so, how much would it be to send to the UK? Or any colour changer would be great. Someone posted one on Reddit and I was in love immediately.



Thank you very much!

you can also see more of them here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ArZsJCHjfvqr160LnLrZQ?view_as=su...

I only have ONE LEFT or sale

It is painted in automotive black with clearcoat.

Price was $275 USD but I will sell for $250 considering the cost for shipping will be respectable.

Shipping to the UK is difficult to say without taking it physically to USPS and getting a price:

The last one I shipped overseas to Germany was $180 (as I recall).

I'll have to double box it with additional protection for long shipment

Accept my friend request and we can discuss procedures/payments.
Thank you

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