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I'm coming to realize that making a twin wizard of every color glitter was too ambitious a quest

I do not have the room for such a display,, Nor am I likely to find two of the rare colors

I have decided to sell/trade my duplicates of Green, Purple, Blue, Copper and a Heritage Red..

You can see additional photos of my photo page

$85 + Shipping

I am still Looking for a good LL factory Orange, Teal, Clear or Yellow glitter in a 32 oz globe,!

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OK. Thanks a lot!!

Hey Claude, I have a question for you. How much would you charge to make a total of 3 globes (each a different size but none are grande's) into glitter lamps? I have 3 empty globes and would love to have them made into glitter globes.

Claude J said:

Well, If I decide to break up the set, I will be listing them on eBay 

I already have 40 lamps posted and have been sending 8/10 boxes a week

I have/had over 350 lamps in my collection and slowly but consistently knocking them down

If you want one custom-made, I would need a donor lamp as I am out of perfect bases

Please send your request and photos/sizes of the globes to lavalabcreations@gmail.com

OK. Thank You :)

no emaIl yet?

I sent it at 1:07 PM (Central time)

found it


I love wizards and your creations especially the purple!

Thank you

It was quite a task to paint that color
Blind Faith said:

I love wizards and your creations especially the purple!

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